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A young boy inherits an island that is filled with kaiju-sized young girls. Fun ensues.
[Introduction] Alright, welcome to my latest campfire. In this one, imagine being a young 13 year old boy who has a pretty normal life for the most part, along with living with his mother and what not, but here is the catch. He just somehow inherits an island filled with giant kaiju-sized young girls about his age or younger. I know, it sounds vague, but that is where we get on with the journey making here my friends.

Here is the format for making characters

Kaiju Name (only if character is kaiju sized):
Powers (giant girls only)
Job: (Human Only)

And now here are the rules

No Male Giants
No heavy sexual stuff
No tiolet
No unbirth
No scat
You can make more than one giantess
No diapers
Do have fun
Name: Kei Tatoizeha
Age: 13 years old
Appearance: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSa6hSCVwsmjvBO8512hF4tTh...
Height: Around 5 feet, average for a kid his age.
Clothes: Refer to the image.
Personality: Happy, ongoing, friendly, and kind. Also pretty brave, no wonder why all the girls want him. Willing to do whatever is needed to help the girls, but can be pretty overwhelmed at times given their sizes.
Job: Managing the island and its giant girls

Bio: Kei Tatoizeha seemed like an average boy and he certainly had a normal life before he suddenly inherited an island filled with giant girls, but he learned how to get along with everything and make a lot of new friends and is a lot more outgoing. But you might be figuring, how did this story came to be, well it started off like this.

His dad was a scientists on a unknown island that was working on experiments, and thanks to his job, he was always away from Kei and his mother, leaving the two alone. One day, an accident occurred, and his father was killed by it. Kei and his mom was just living a normal life in the city when suddenly one day, some agents came and explain to him what he was working on and the accident that killed his father. It turns out that Kei is inheriting not only a huge amount of money, and what not, but also an entire island filled with his experiments. Curious to know if its true, he and mom moved to the island, and was soon welcome by his new guests, but we will explain that as the story progresses.

Right now, we go straight to an unknown part of the island where we see a normal house where Kei is currently in. He was in bed, resting, when suddenly the ground started to rumble with some thuds. “I know what that is.” He smiled.
The thudding gradually grew stronger, the sign of a kaiju on approach.

Name: Holly James Miller
Kaiju Name: Hollyzilla, though she insists people just call her 'Holly', having never really liked how just adding -zilla on the end sounded.
Age: 12 years old
Height: 190 feet
Appearance: Holly has green eyes and rather long, messy ginger curls that reach down to her shoulders. Her face is covered in freckles. She's quite thin and tall in stature. Her hair is braided surprisingly well for a being of her size.
Clothes: Holly wears rather crude woven coverings that she fashioned herself on the island. It's more of a plain brown-ish gown that covers her torso and goes about half way down her thighs. The standard issue kaiju breast and crotch garments sit beneath her gown.
Personality: Holly is quite the quiet, gentle sort. She doesn't deal with many people and tends to keep to her own business. She barely ever came into contact with island personnel before Kei's father died, and so has very little experience with humans.
Powers: Holly can create and manipulate most woods and fabrics, making her one of the go to people if any of the islanders want things built.
Bio: A rather calm giantess, Holly lives somewhat secluded upon the island. She does what she wants with little thought as to what others think of her routine. She was brought here and grown via various technologies, though she remembers basically none of it. Viewing humans as little creatures that sometimes venture here, she'll treat them like adorable little pets at best and irritating vermin at worst. Depends on if and how they interrupt her.

Holly was out for a stroll around the giant sized forests of the island, picking fruits and putting them into a wicker basket. She'd make a pie and share it with a few of the girls that she had a soft spot for. She was unaware of the fact that the new boss of the place lived nearby.
Kei then decided to get dress and ventured off into the forest to go check on the girl in the area. He then noticed Holly in the area, and then proceeded to wave and shout at her, in order to get her attention. “Hi there, Holly, how are you doing today?” Kei shouted out to her. Thanks to all of the experiments that the girls do on her (this is a bit of a time skip, so some girls will surely know him), they all have heightened senses so they can hear the tiny people saying things to him.

Holly was a bit caught off guard and was surprised just as she turns to see the tiny human before her. “Kei, didn’t know you lived on this part of the island, I always see you with the older girls and what not in the other parts of the island. Figured you take a look out and notice me?” Holly then smiled just as she proceeded to his location and picked him up and bring him to her face. “So, anything you are doing today?”

“OH nothing really, just figured I notice you nearby and decided to take a look, so, anything you are doing? I am up just for visiting the girls.”

“Sure thing, I can take you to them.” She smiled, and then she proceeded to start heading her way towards the other end of the island to where he can start seeing the girls and what not. “So, I wanted to ask you this but, how does it feel like being a giant monster or what not, I mean in terms of power and size?” Kei asked as he wanted to know Holly a little better as he doesn’t see her around the usual areas very much. “I mean, I usually never see you in the facilities and even the virtual reality room. I mean the island has so much.”
Holly secretly thought that the tiny boy was adorable. She wouldn't tell him out loud, god no, but the thought of just keeping him to herself for a bit lingered in the back of her mind. Surely he wouldn't mind sticking around whilst she got her pie done, right? As she was nearing the edge of the woodland portion of the island, she stopped and turned back.

"I know a shortcut," She lied fairly smoothly, looking the tiny little being over to check if he'd caught onto the bluff. The thumb on the hand he was in would slyly move over, beginning to run down his back in rhythmic little petting motions. Her bare feet stomped against the ground as she went, the girlzilla manipulating the branches of the trees to extend out and drop their fruits into her basket. She'd have her ingredients in no time.

"Giant monster?" She repeated at his question, glancing down at him briefly before she went on her way, "I don't know how many of you itty bitty humans I've had to tell this, but we aren't the giant ones, you're all just super tiny," She kept walking until she came to a fairly large clearing in the woods, large wooden fence posts sticking out around the edges. A sleeping bag sat in the grasses, and a few tables and chairs were lay about over the area.

"Say, Kei, how do you feel about fruit pie? I'm due to bring my friends some later today," She hummed, setting the boy and her basket down on the table. Holly didn't seem to wait for an answer as she set to work, bringing some of the other ingredients from where she'd stored them.
“I am all open for it. And sure, why not. I only asked the giant monster part because o the fact that so many of the girls that I meet loved being refer to like that, in fact, there is one girl on the island who absolutely just loves being call a giant monster, because she uses the virtual reality room to rampage cities all day long, and other stuff as long as she was monster sized. Also, one of the youngest ones on the island or what not, and I can see that age group being such so. I am sorry if I offended you in any way.” Kei said, accepting the pie offer just as he watches her making it on the table. “I will admit, your powers to manipulate wood and fabric, it is pretty impressive. My mom can use something to make a farm for some vegetable growing later.”

“Well sure thing, I might go visit her later. And you seem like a nice fella to be around with.” Holly said just as got to work on her pie. “I mean, moving onto an island with all of us, and well your connections with your dad. I mean I don’t interact with the girls and personal all the time, but I heard lots of talks about you.” She smiled just as she makes her pie.

“Yeah, it is true. I mean, don’t know what happen to my dad, besides an accident occurring in the labs, causing him to be blown up in the explosion. I mean, I was just a normal kid until suddenly one day some fellas show up and said that I inherited the island and its riches, and what not. Never thought that I end up running the business. Say, this might be a bit personal, but what would you want me to change about the island or want me to do?” Kei asked her.
"Come to think of it, I did see an explosion a little while ago," She put a hand to her chin, thinking briefly before she got on with her work, "It was probably that,"

The giantess eventually had all she needed ready, all that was left was to light the fire and bake it. She scooped Kei up, slipping him into a breast pocket on her gown with a quiet giggle.
"Y'know, you fit real well there," She remarked, petting his head slightly before she extended her arms out. A lump of giant-sized logs simply appeared where she wanted it, within a stone fire pit that she'd made for herself. She knelt down by the soon to be fire, conjuring up two twigs to rub together. With her abilities, starting the fire was very easy.

Lifting a large stone holding implement over the open flame, she then returned to her uncooked pie. Carefully, she brought it over and put it into the primitive device, leaving it to cook.

"Let me know when it looks nice and golden brown," She hummed, sitting down on a chair nearby, "Don't want to burn it or we'll have to go out gathering again,"

Kei glanced up at her from the pocket, it was warm soft and comfy, sure, but it was also kind of restricting.
"Hey, can you lift me outa here, it's kind of a tight fit,"

The giantess looked down, cocked her head to the side and simply willed the pocket to be larger. The fabric expanded quickly, granting her passenger ample room to move about, "There ya go, li'l dude," She smiled at him, "Comfy now?"
“Yes it is. Plus I know who caused the explosion earlier, and it was for some sort of display purpose. And I am thinking that the pie is starting to look really good, can actually smell it.” Kei said, smelling the nice flavors of the pie as it starts to transform into golden brown. “I made these with my mom every so often, so I know when its a good time to turn it golden brown.”

Kei then proceeded to tell her, and then Holly then agreed with his statement and use her wood powers to put down the fire, with some water of course as needed. After the pie was down, she grabbed a wooden plate and then place the pie right inside of the plate, and took a tiny bit with her hand and gave it to Kei. “Tell me what you think?”

Kei then took one big bite of the pie that she just made before he responded to her with a smile. “You know, I think you need to teach my mom how to make a pie this good, as you really know your pies.” Kei giggled and blushed, causing her to blush as well. Suddenly for Kei, the ground started to rumble one more as someone was then approaching, and then a kaiju like roar was emitted, almost sounding Godzilla like, but also extremely girly as well. “Say, I bet that is your friends, or at least one of them.”

Holly then smiled. “Yep, it is.” Holly said just as she smiles to see one of her friends coming right into the room, but she also didn’t expect her to show up till later, or how she came to finding her place. Maybe it was the pie scent that lead to her finding it. Who knows, but all we know that she just came in, and then she looked at the pie and Kei. “Hi Kei.”
Kei recognizes the girl that just came in, and has a really great long history with her. “Hi Harukagon, or Harukazilla, or whatever you wanna be called.” Kei blushed heavily just as he is taken by her sudden appearance. She noticed him with another girl and smiled. “So, just visiting a friend, I can see, so many of us here, and having to get along with everyone, etc... all the good stuff.” Haruka smiled just as she walks right over to him, and then proceeds to grab him right then and there just as he was eating (at this point he was getting stuffed), and brings him to her face as she gives kinda like a sexy monster growl just for fun.


Name: Haruka Satotika
Kaiju Name: Is called a number of names, but likes monster names over her actual name. So Harukazilla, Harukagon, She-Beast, among a few others.
Age: 10, about to turn 11
Height: 175ft
Appearance: Brown hair and blue eyes, skinny look, but for liberties with images, she has bigger breasts to that of a C-Cup or B like that. (https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/vsbattles/images/5/51/Helga.png/revision/lat...) here is image for reference.
Clothes: Wears various, but often wears a blue two-piece swimsuit that fits her greatly, and they were designer made.
Personality: She is the total in your face monster nut around Kei as she wants him all for herself. But she is super fun, ongoing, and kind. But also very mischievous and playful. She is a total giant monster nut, so she always act like a giant monster on the island, and especially around Kei. Stomping like a monster, roaring all the time, all while showing off her cute little body and powers.
Powers: A Godzilla like roar that can disable electronics, send people into fear, and can at times destroy stuff around her. Laser beam eyes that she can fire to blow up buildings or set them on fire. Breathing underwater (really with all giantesses), and very tough to damage body. She is Godzilla in a lot of ways.
Bio: Haruka was a total giant monster nut before she even came onto the island at all. She remembers before her transformation that she owned plenty of miniature cities that she would either destroy or act around in, as she is a big fan of giant monster movies and has an incredible giantess fetish for a girl her age. When she did get transformed, she absolutely loved her transformation, and proceeded to show off all the time on the island. Luckily the island provided them things to do, like sight seeing, oceans to swim in, etc. But also her favorite thing is the virtual reality area where they can virtualize settings (its in a room) and she uses it to make replicas of cities with people, to where she acts like a monster, good or bad. She just purely loves being a kaiju, and noticing Kei as the manager and what not. She wants to be his “Godzilla” and keep him for herself.
Fact: She doesn’t mind Kei being a bit pervy at all, even by accident. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t mind people looking up her skirt or what not, as it is pretty much unavoidable, so she decides to just embrace her cute look and let her towering figure impress them.


“So, what do you got there my friend, going to steal Kei for awhile if you don’t mind.” Haruka said just as she smelt the pie.

“Got this pie I am going to share with some of the friends around the island, but feel free to take a bite if you want.” Holly replied back, and then smiled at Kei. “Guess you got a handful to deal with.”
(We are going to change up the setting here a bit, we are going to focus on another few characters here other than Kei)

Name: Leumya “Lily” Tatokia
Age: 21
Height: 168 cms
Appearance: use this girl’s image as a reference (https://www.project-imas.com/w/images/thumb/e/ef/Azusa_N.jpg/200px-Azusa_N.jpg)
Clothes: She often wears a usual business outfit, but is currently seen wearing a pink shirt with some blue jeans, almost like a very casual girl.
Personality: Happy, quirky, but also kind. She is extremely caring for Kei and the younger giantesses, can be a bit overwhelmed at times and clumsy as well.
Job: Watching over the girls, potentially something else
Bio: Leumya Tatokia “or Lily” for simple people is a girl who dreamed of one day becoming a school teacher, as she has plenty of experience with kids. She often during her early years taken babysitting jobs and even working at daycare from time to time to get some interaction with the kids. She really wants to one day be a teacher who wants to make a difference in their lives. Her parents own a catering company back in New York, but she wants an independent life from them. She graduated from college with high schools in record time, and was hired by Kei’s company to come to the island, who then sees some really big girls, but she is up for the challenge. She did wanted to suggest Kei an idea though, because while the kids are educated still, she figured that isn’t enough.

(The idea with this girl is that she becomes a giantess later, so I want to get some interactions with her to get her into the story.)


Right now, we see a girl name Lily in an unknown part of the island by a beach area, who was right now relaxing on the side of the beach just as she watches the water roll across like an endless sea. She was sunbathing in her bikini today, smiling at the sight, and she smiled as she said. “Ahhh, nice day to be at the beach, maybe one of those kids would come and visit me.” She smiled. Suddenly, some rumbling was seen on the ground just as a monster like roar was emitted. “Of course.”
The girl then appeared from the trees behind Lily, and it revealed to be a gigantic sized 9 year old Japanese girl.


Name: Koyuki Sawmwia
Kaiju Name: Mega-Koyuki, but also Koyukizilla
Age: 9
Height: 160ft
Appearance: A young pre-teen girl, with straight, shoulder-length black hair held back with barettes, Pale skin, and a decent body for a girl her age. Brown eyes.
Clothes: Can vary, but tends to wear either a short red skirt with a grayish shirt with shoes and socks, or barefoot wearing a rainbowish pink two-piece bra and panties outfit.
Personality: A usually cool, calm, and collective person. She doesn’t go out of her way to scare or outdo anyone. A bit shy, but her gigantic self gave her lots of confidants, more than enough to have her enjoy being a monster a lot, though a different kinda of monster. More on that in a second.
Powers: Her ability is more on the defensive side, she can generate a barrier around herself that can shield her from any power blasts from other giantesses. She even has a reflector attack that lets her absorb her opponent’s attack and send them right back at them with twice the power. Also pretty skilled in karate.
Bio: A usually quiet and reserve child of a Japanese family, her parents were both part of the experiments that the company does, and for her own safety. Her parents turned her into a kaiju in order to make sure not only to promote the island, but also to keep her safe. Another huge reason is that she was diagnosis with some form of cancer that would have killed her, and the transformation cured her of it. She didn’t mind the transformation at all, as she used her new powers for good. Now, she is an interesting case in terms of how she is a kaiju. She does roar and stomp like a monster, and occasionally destroys stuff, but she never goes out of her way as evil at all as many others do (even though they aren’t). She wants to be a kaiju that can defend and help people, and people look up to her, but is still more than happy to act like a kaiju during it, with her happy roars and growls.


“Oh hi there Koyukizilla, how you doing?” Lily asked just as she turned to see the Japanese girl appearing right before her in her bra and panties outfit. “Going for a swim?”

“Yeah, but, wanted to talk to you about something.” Koyuki said just as she comes to her and sits right by her side.

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