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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2177118
The year was 1987...And things got freaky.
[Introduction] Watch this video...Listen very closely
They very distinctly say, 'Two in that van, two in the Other' Which I take to mean their are four Mutant Animals present...While their may be three Authors here the 4th can be some 'NPC' maybe a Sibling Character...I've been waiting and waiting for this guy to add the first part of his game for that awesome trailer he made 2 weeks ago, well I think I'll try some 'Sympathetic Sorcery' and see if we can get it to come by making our own speculation on what happened to the Mutants after the Vans crashed.

Not much to say it's an RPG where we all play as Mutant Animals...the Year is 1987 so nobody has an iPod
Subject 83
Species: European Praying Mantis Mantis religiosa
Sex: Female
Psionic Abilities: Telepathic Transmission, Telepathic Listening

Subject 83 Stumbled out of the crashed Van, with her spiked forelimbs she was already starting to escape her straight jacket.

She had no vocal cords capable of Human Speech but that was fine as she had Telepathy ^Where am I?^ She said in Thought-Speech

Subject 47
Species: Gray Wolf Canis lupus
Sex: Male
Abilities: Can utilize any weapon he gets his hands on, as if he was an expert, even if he'd never seen it before. Also, even if the item isn't a weapon, he can think of ways to utilize the object as a weapon, and even implement them.

Subject 47 managed to get out of his own straitjacket. He looked at the straps that came with the clothing. Something told him to keep them. He then noticed a long cylindrical object that was a little shorter than his arm. He picked that up as well. Then, there was another object, barely more than a few boxes connected together. He picked it up, pressed a button, watched as another box came out, filled with small cylindrical objects. He replaced it back inside the larger one. Something told him it was a Colt 1911, although he wasn't sure what that meant. He then noticed another object that was similar, only this one had a cylinder that held the other small cylinders. This was a Smith and Wesson Model 10 snub-nose revolver, whatever that meant. What's more, he knew how to use them, despite never seeing the items before in his life.
83 saw the corpses of the Strange Humans who came into the Lab and took them out...For some reason...They were dead...Dead as Dead can be with fresh blood running down them. 83's Mandibles moved hungrily

"Don't!" Said 47

83 turned to her Fellow Mutant ^It's food isn't it?^

"They took us out of that place." 47 said "Somehow...It seems like it would be wrong to eat them...Like eating your own pack members."

^Mantids don't live in packs.^ Said 83
"It doesn't matter," said 47. "See if there's anyone else. After that, we'll take what we can, and leave."

^Why would we want to leave?^ 83 asked.

"I have a feeling that it would be a good idea to not be here right now," said 47. "Call it an instinct."
47 sniffed "Two others...Two of our kind..." He said "They're still alive, still in the other Van."
^So, what do we do?^ 83 asked.

47 looked at her. "We save them. It's that simple."
Trouble was something was blocking the Van doors from being opened

Normally Hertz would have sighned up by now, but apparently he hasn't been on WDC since the 9th
47 looked at the one long cylindrical object in his hand. "This might help."
Meanwhile the Scientists who were still alive after that attack by the 'Freedom Fighters' or whatever were pretty irritated about what had just happened
47 managed to break a dark reflective surface, creating a hole in the vehicle. "Might be able to open it this way."
Subject 17
Species: African Lion Panthera Leo
Sex: Male
Abilities: Super Strangth and Raw Agression, when properly motivated 17 can be a Juggernaut so pray he's on your side.

A huge lion appears before 83 and 47 "17, reporting for duty."
Past Member 'a.maro'
"There should be one more of us with you." Said 47. Just then, a feline form exited the van.

Name: Subject 13
Species: Black Cat felis catus
Sex: Female
Abilities: Can cause bad luck at will for her enemies, ranging from tripping over a shoelace to a fatal accident, and anything else in between.

13 was pretty much always in a foul mood, and being forced into a straight jacket and muzzle really didn't help that. After the others get her out of her restraints, she didn't even thank them, she just crossed her arms and scowled as she surveyed the wrecked vans and dead humans.

Even if they had been trying to free them, or whatever they were doing, she felt no sympathy for their rescuers. She had come to despise humans for experimenting and mutating her.
83 began grooming her forelegs as they released the Lion and Black Cat from the Van
47 found a sharp object. "Best get you out of those."
17 stands and streatches out "So, what is the mission?"
Past Member 'a.maro'
(Sorry for the delay, guys. I've just been really busy with more important things, especially since it's nearly Christmas.)

13 Crossed her arms and scowled. "The mission is we get out of here before any more of these accursed humans show up."
^I see some woods over there^ Said 83 ^We could probably hide in there.^
"Worth checking out t any rate," said 47.
As they made it to the woods, they observe a human dressed strangely carrying a shotgun waiting by a hole in the ground, "Uh oh, we got trouble," whispered 17, "how shall we handle him?"

No Twiga, this is not Elmer Fudd hunting Bugs Bunny.
Past Member 'a.maro'
13 stepped forward " I'll deal with him." She picked up a stick and threw it a good ten feet away. The man, hearing the noise, got up to investigate. As the rest of the group snuck past, 13 paused a moment, wondering if she should use this opportunity to test out her bad luck abilities on the strange man. With a whim, she could make him trip and drop his weapon, causing it to go off directly at him. Yes, she could do that quite easily, but the question was, should she? It was only a human, after all, and after what they had done to her, she didn't really care much that she would be responsible for the death of one.
83 turned her head to the other two Mutants ^Can I eat this one?^ She asked them
"No," said 47. "He hasn't harmed us. Let's keep going."

"Are you saying that you're in charge?" 13 asked.

"Questions might be asked," said 47. "Others would follow. As it is, he could say that he saw nothing."
It's about time this campfire got additions, I thought it was doomed to be extinguished.

The team found a nice quiet place in the forest free of any bothering humans.
"This should do," 17 says "We need a campfire, there's a lake nearby, should be teaming with fish and we need firewood. I'll lay out some traps in case we get uninvated guests."
Internet at home is down and tomorrow is MLK day so I'm shutting down all campfires until Thursday

The End!

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