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The D-Backs had room for 1 more pitcher, but can not find anyone. Then they found Julie...
[Introduction] Hey guys! This story is from a point of view of a 12 year old girl and how she ended up pitching for the Diamondbacks and what happened to her. There's now a time limit of two days to write or your skipped!
'Oh, no,' I thought as I saw a big kid waiting at the end of the street. "Not again," I muttered under my breath. My brown hair lazily blew in the wind that had just started. I kept walking with my green eyes staring at the sidewalk. I was trying not to panic, so I decided to count how many cracks I walked by. Having a quick glance at the boy, I looked down again and started counting. '1..2...3.,' the boys at the curb started walking towards me. '4..5.," he was now a few feet infront of me. I kept walking. '6..7..8.'

"Hey,Julie," the boy sneered. '9..10..11..' I kept coutning.
"Hello, Stewart," I replied calmly.
"Let's be friends Julie,"Stewart said deviously.
I thought of what he might do if I said no. "Umm....ok," I replied slowly.
"And since we're so good friends, why don't you..GIVE ME YOUR LUNCH MONEY!!!!"he yelled.
"NO!!" I shrieked and ran as fast as I could to school.
Of course, as you can probably tell taht I'm picked on at school. I have green eyes and shoulder lengthed brown hair. Turning around once more, I saw Stewart coming at me as fast as he could. Which means that he was going as fast as a snail. Stewart Millhouse was the bully of the 7th grade. I got to a small runned down school called Zuni Jr. High. As I looked back again, Stewart had stopped trying to run. He was giving me the look and stomping his feet. All fat and no brains if you ask me. Quickly, I dashed up a few flight of stairs to the front door. Grabbing onto the door handle, I took one finally glance at Stewart. He was trying to run again. I opened the door and hurried inside.
When I stepped inside, everything was quiet. 'I guess I'm late...again.' I thought. I had entered a lon hallway from the front door. That's mainly all our school is made of is hallways. Hurrying down the hall, I glanced in at the other classes. Little kids reaching for the ceiling for the teacher to call on them, older children talking and passing notes, and of course, someone waiting in the pricipal's office. I finally reached my destination. Room 12: Ms.Roberta. As quietly as possibly, I opened the classroom door. Ms.Roberta was at the front of the class explaining, what sounded like, integers. I closed the door behind me with a small click. Ms.Roberta looked up.
"Ah, there you are. Late again, Julie?" I nodded. I HATE talking. I try not to talk with anyone that much. Only when the teacher calls on me to do something do I speak. Ms. Roberta pointed to my seat. "You can go and sit down now, Julie." I abruptly walked over to my desk and sat down. Just when Ms.Roberta started to speak again, Stewart came in. Unfortuantly, Stewart was in Ms.Roberta's homeroom too.
"Sorry I'm late Ms.Roberta but...." Ms. Roberta cut him off.
"Sorry? You've been late even more often than Julie! I have haad enough of your excuses. Go talk to the principal RIGHT NOW!" Stewart jumped at the last of her words and scuttled out the door. Ms.Roberta was always nice to me since my parents died. She is also nice to me, by my guess, because she knows how everyone makes fun of me. I grinned as Ms.Roberta continued talking about the subject. Today was quite a positive day, taht is, until lunch.
Yep, 104 mph fastball. I don't tell anyone because no one would believe in the first place, second, I would be turned into a star is they did believe me(which I do not want), and third, I would never be able to have a normal life. I looked at the poster and saw the place and time; the park at 5 o'clock today. Thinking that my life couldn't get any worse than it already is and that I might like being a star, I decided to go. At 4:55, I walked to the park. It was jam packed with adults and kids alike. Silently I walked to an open spot and started stretching. A few grownups looked at me like I was an alien or something. Finally, one grownup came and tapped me on the shoulder.
"Excuse me little girl, but aern't you suppose to be sitting in teh stands watching? This here is where we're trying out for pitching. Why don't you run along and get going?"
I looked up at the man to see if he was bluffing. He was giving me the look like he was trying to explain somthing to a four year old. Straighting up, I looked him in the eye. "I know."
That seemed to startle the guy even more, but he continued to talk to me in the soft explaining voice like before. A few parents stopped practicing to watch. "Hey, this is only for BIG people. Not little children." He grabbed my arm and started pulling me over to the stands. "Now you are suppose to go over there and watch while we BIG people work on our practicing."
'How stupid can you get?!' I asked myself. I jerked my arm out of his grip and stared at him in disbelief. Scowling, I started back to where I was before. "I KNOW what I'm doing. I'm trying for pitching as well." I turned around to face the man. He stared at me and at a few people near by. Then they all errupted with laughter. Everyone else around was now watching with curiosity. I felt my face burn as everyone stared at the men and me.
A young man started walking over to the spot where the men were still laughing at. "All right, what's so funny over here?"
The man tha had tried reasoning with me before spoke first. "This little girl here wants to try out for pitching!"
The young man shrugged. "Ok. Why not?" The laughing stopped abruptly. "I don't see any harm in it." Bending down, he motioned me to come over to where he was. I slowly walked over to him. "In fact, you can be the first to try." He pointed over to the pitching mound as he spoke again. "Just go over there and we'll let you pitch three balls. Then you step down and we'll let the next person go. Alright?"
I nodded. He smiled and pushed me a bit to get me walking. A few mumbles came from here and there as I walked to the mound. When I got there, there was already three baseballs on the ground. Picking up one, I watched as the catcher went over to home plate. 'Here goes nothing' I thought as I got ready to throw the ball.
I woke up the next morning earlier than I needed to. I quickly got dress and went into the kitchen. Grandma was up and out again as usual. Getting out some Fruit Loops and milk, I sat down at our old beaten up table and ate a small breakfast. Gulping down the last of my fruit loops, I sat down in front of the TV and decided to watch some cartoons before I left. Pushing the power button on the TV, I started to flip to the cartoon station. As I hurried through the channels, a flash of the Diamondbacks went by. I stopped suddenly and went back to the previous channel. A man in a grey suit was reading off his papers in front of him, as a picture of the young man that called me yesterday was in teh corner of the screen. I sat down to listen to the newscaster.
".....the Diamondbacks have just found another pitcher for their team, but the coach won't tell reporters who it is they have selected..." I turned off the TV without hearing anymore. Walking to the front door, I picked up my bag and started for school. 'Well, at least they haven't told anybody yet' I thought.
The clock now said 2:58 and I had to be on the dot at the park at three. Rushing a quick snack, I grabbed my baseball cap and headed out the front door. Grandma, of course, was outside smoling a cigarrette. Not even asking where I was going, I hurried past her and raced to the park. When I reached the edge of the green grass, I looked out to see the whole Diamond Back's team! How in the world how they got rid of all the cameras, I couldn't figure out, but none the less, I hurried my pace and went to meet the team.
I came out totally relaxed after about 10 minutes. I met the team agian as I was getting ready to leave. They all were pretty nice, but I seemed to like Craig Counsell the best out of all of them. Instead of going in the bus with the rest of the team, he walked with me to my house. I was nervous about him seeing my grandmother because she hated anyone taht came over and gave me a yelling if I did. Craig was really cool. He acted like just another friend would while talking to an equal. He was the one talking most of the way since I was to shy to say much. When I reached my house, I waved good bye and hurried up the stairs before grandmother could see me walking with him. Without a word to my grandmother who was sitting in our kitchen, I hurried up to my bedroom and closed the door. Exhausted and still a bit shaky, I layed down on my bed and fell asleep.
My legs were jittery as I started out into the bull pen. People had already started siting in their seats, ready for the game to start. My hands shook slightly as Craig showed me where to stand and where to throw. When I was finally ready to warm up, Craig left me to go to the dugout.

I kicked the ground and shuffled my feet to a comfortable postion. Moving the ball around in my fingers, I felt calmer than before. Taking a deep breath I wound up and threw. CRASH! The ball had landed straight on it's target and went straight threw the wall! 'Opps,' I thought. 'Better do some stretches first instead.'

Placing down my glove, I started to move my arm this way and holding it for ten seconds before letting go and moving to a different position. Sooner than I had thought, it was time. Grabbing my glove from the ground, I hurried out to the field. We were first.
Smack! The ball went flying into the catcher's glove once more.

"Strike three!" the umpire called. It was now the bottom of the fifth, no runners had made it on and I still hadn't even broken a sweat yet. As the next hitter came up to bat, I could hear the crowd cheering me on. At 101 mph I threw the ball.

"Strike one!" The crowd's cheering grew louder. Quickly, the next two I threw were instantly called out as strikes and that inning was over. I jogged happily back to the dugout. 'Only four more innings to go,' I thought smiling happily.
"And you want me to sign these papers to get you adopted?" grandma asked bitterly.
"Yes," I said exasperated after talking for so long.
"Hmmmmmm...." Grandma stared down at the adoption papers like a hawk. After a long time of holding my breath and not moving a finger, Grandma grabbed a pen off of the table and began to write in curvy letters across the page. When she finished and I had the papers in my hands, I let out a whoop and jumped up and down excitedly. Then, realizing that I could go over to Craig's right away, I ran upstairs, grabbed my few belongings, said a sad goodbye to Maya, and then headed off to Craig's.

As I reached his house, I ran up the steps, and knocked rapidly on his door. "Oops. There's a thing called a doorbell, Julie," I thought to myself as I pushed the doorbell. Craig came to the door and smiled when he saw I had my stuff.
"I guess that was a yes then," he said happily. I nodded with a big grin on my face.
"Well, come on in to your new home!" He opened the door wide and stepped aside. Slowly, savoring the moment, I stepped inside his house. Craig cheered and picked me up and twirled me around once. When he placed me back down, I was laughing so hard I could barely stand.
"Hey! Since you are now apart of this family, why don't we go out back and practice for the next game!" Craig said. "I'll race you to the door!"
"No fair! You got a head start!" I yelled as I chased after him. With that, Craig and I hurried to the backyard; my new backyard. And this was where I was going to stay happy, for good.

The End!

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