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Here is a checklist of everything you will need for a good camping trip near the river.
Do you find yourself at your favorite camp site only to learn you forgot some of the most important items needed?

Maybe this little puzzle can help you with your to-do list for Camping.

Don't forget to have fun and respect nature.
 1 hoovering a-frame
 3 to keep the devices running
 4 cooking accessory
 6 shade lotion
 7 when you get board
 8 stink remover
 9 Smokey the Bear protects the forest from becoming this
 12 striking sulfer
 13 between the tent and the ground
 15 rest on the water with these
 17 keeps your top from burning up
 18 baby axe
 20 keeps critters away
 21 put on the fireplace to cook
 22 seating for comfort
 25 for lighting the path
 26 ground softeners
 1 needed for wet clothes, and dirty wrappers
 2 clothesline material
 5 flavored liquids
 6 clothes for dipping
 10 quenches thirst
 11 for dancing around the campfire
 14 tresspass legally
 15 tool to use as a prop for a nap on thr creek bank
 16 mouthwash
 19 item you remember when you are dripping wet
 22 memory keeper
 23 Fonzie was this
 24 midnight craving
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