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Test your knowledge of these famous Americans! Don't Google the answers.
America is the greatest country in the world, despite a certain POTUS' attempts to demean and ridicule it. As the coming years will prove, she is greater than the mere sum of her parts and certainly any single individual, no matter how powerfully stupid.

Her relatively short history is littered with shining examples of outstanding individuals, especially in the fields of knowledge and entrepreneurship.

But did you know that 30% of US-based Nobel Laureates were immigrants, or the children of at least one? More than 40% of Fortune 500 companies were founded by such Americans. Let's see if you know their countries of origin, or what they achieved.

Finished? Look at the answers -- as you can see, America truly is a haven for great minds and talent from all over the world!

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 2 Jerry Yang, originally from Taiwan, is the founder of this company.
 4 Thomas Edison's father migrated to the US from here.
 6 Albert Einstein was a professor here before he settled in the US.
 8 Hans Bethe and Enrico Fermi, Nobel Laureates who worked on the Manhattan Project, were from here.
 10 Andrew Grove, founder of Intel, was from this country.
 12 Terence Tao, winner of the Fields medal for mathematics, hails from here.
 14 Arash Ferdowski, founder of Dropbox, was from this country.
 15 Uber founder Travis Kalanick's father came from here.
 1 Where was Steve Chen, founder of Youtube, born?
 3 Where was Pierre Omidyar, founder of E-Bay from?
 5 What is Mike Krieger, originally from Brazil, the founder of?
 7 Which country did Sergei Brin's (Google founder) parents flee with their son?
 9 Steve Jobs' father came from here.
 11 Where was the founder of WhatsApp Jan Koum from?
 13 Famous inventor Alexander Graham Bell hailed from this place.
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