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We learned many words about the harvest season yesterday; what can you remember?
 3 These are passed through family generations
 4 We have a Northern and Southern _______
 7 Growing crops and raising animals
 9 The process of gathering crops
 11 This season is when many crops are harvested
 12 We have 4 every year- Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall
 14 An Indian dessert made of rice. Also called kheer.
 16 The midline of the Earth
 17 These are harvested for food
 1 The coldest season of the year
 2 A festival in many Asian countries that celebrates the harvest
 5 A Jewish harvest celebration
 6 To celebrate
 7 To be able to produce bountiful crops
 8 The two days in the year when the day and night times are the same
 10 The longest or shortest day of the year
 12 A time when plants begin to grow
 13 The hottest season of the year
 14 These people crossed over the Atlantic Ocean in the Mayflower
 15 To have much of
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