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Carnivorous plants and their various traps
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 1 type of trap the plant in Little Shop of Horrors used
 5 Women are fed to carnivorous plants in the Amazon in this movie
 6 Lured by the nectar’s scent, when insects (or even small animals like mice) they find themselves trapped.
 8 In their carnivorous season, the plants’ leaves grow sticky and dewy to catch prey. They also resemble succulents.
 9 In this movie primarily about and named after a giant chimpanzee, a woman gets her arm eaten by a carnivorous plant.
 11 Most commonly known carnivorous plant. It is known for its hinged, leafy “jaw” that snaps together to trap and consume unsuspecting insects.
 12 This carnivore attracts it's pray with a dew like substance.
 1 Near the end of summer, this plant's leaves turn a deep reddish-purple hue to attract flies.
 2 In this movie property developers looking for the ideal South Pacific location for the new Paradise Carlton hotel, discover instead an island populated by carnivorous plants and zombies.
 3 Charles Darwin's name for carnivorous plants
 4 Nicknamed "cobra lily"due its resemblance to a cobra,
 7 Type of trap when a carnivorous plant relies on sticky leaves to snatch prey.
 10 type of trap the heliamphora uses
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