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An erotica contest sponsored by the Forbidden Fruits Group! Round 42!
*Reading*Welcome to the Taboo Temptations Contest*Reading*

** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

*Note5*About This Contest:*Note5*

This contest is sponsored by
Forbidden Fruits Group  (XGC)
A haven for those who enjoy taboo elements in their erotica!
#1603754 by MeganBlackwell
and will be held twice a month (closing at 11:59 pm WDC time on the 15th and the end of the month)

There now are two categories of prompts. A taboo prompt that delves into the darker more forbidden story elements, and a more mainstream temptation prompt. You may use one or both of the prompts.

*Gift1*Current Prompts:*Gift1*
Round 42 will run from now toJune 15th

Temptation Prompt: Sex on the Beach

Taboo Prompt: Crime of Passion. Involve any sex related crime in your story, rape, underaged, etc

Remember I am looking for conflict driven stories in addition to the heat. You are much more likely to win with conflict that without it.

*Check1* ANY kink/fetish is allowable. While the Forbidden Fruits group has certain ones we tend towards, it does NOT mean you need to use them in order to win.
*Check2* Any length story is allowable.
*Check3* Stories may be either new or old - just so long as it hasn't placed in a contest or received an award through other means.
*Check4* To qualify as an entry stories must be posted in bitem format in this forum.
*Check5* You can enter as many times as you wish, but only your best story will be eligible for placements (i.e. you can't get 1st and 2nd)
*Check1* Story can be edited up until 11:59 pm WDC time on the last day of the round. Any edits after will disqualify the story.

Below are the current prizes for the round. Prizes may increase if donations are made for the round.
If less that 5 entries have been received, the contest may, at the discretion of the judge(s), be extended for a round. If there are less than 5 entries at the time of judging only 1st place is guaranteed to be awarded. (5 entries means by 5 different people)
1st Place: 10,000 GPs or an equivilant awardicon
2nd Place: 4,000 GPs
3rd Place: 1,000 GPs

Further note on placements:
In order to recieve a placement in the contest, the judge must feel that the story has a decent attempt at plot/conflict. Judges may determine that no stories were worthy of first place.]

If you score top marks in each of the judging categories, your story will be added to the Taboo Temptations Hall of Fame

All rounds unless otherwise noted:

*Check2*Judging Criteria*Check2*
*Cut*Technical Components (Grammar/Spelling/Tenses/etc)*Cut*
*Idea*Story Development (Plot & Characters)*Idea*
*Kiss*Heat Level*Kiss*

Donations are greatly appreciated. Without donors this contest may periodically have to shut down *Cry*
We are currently in desparate need of donations!
Please send donations of GPs to
Forbidden Fruits Group  (XGC)
A haven for those who enjoy taboo elements in their erotica!
#1603754 by MeganBlackwell

Donations may be GPs, Merit badges, Reviews or other in-kind donations
All Donors over 10,000 GP will be listed on this page.
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