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On Hiatus until further notice.
*** On Hiatus until further notice - Newbies - You can join us at "The Newbies Academy Group ***

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Thank you scorpialex for the wonderful Banner!

*FlowerB* *FlowerB* *FlowerB* *FlowerB* *FlowerB* *FlowerB* *FlowerB* *FlowerB*

*ButterflyG* Thanks so much to Pastor Dave/tYpO/T.Boilerman for the wonderful ribbon that graces our forum! *ButterflyG*

*FlowerB* *FlowerB* *FlowerB* *FlowerB* *FlowerB* *FlowerB* *FlowerB* *FlowerB*

*Vine1* Hello Newbies everywhere! *Vine2*

Hope you all are enjoying this immensely beautiful site-Writing.com *Smile* *Smile* *Smile* . Some of you might be struggling with how to use the bitem link*Sad* ; some of you must be wondering how you can get the coveted merit badge *RollEyes* . Some one else must be thinking when will he/she get a good review of their work *RollEyes* . Not to forget the major issue - how to get your work seen.

I used to be a newbie myself *BigSmile* and at different points of time of my stay here at WDC, I have come across all the above issues *Pthb* . Every day here I have striven for recognition, to get my work seen and reviewed. With some effort on my part and a lot of help from fellow authors, moderators and friends, now I have carved a space for myself here. I don’t care how small that is; the thing is that I’m here.

Many of our newbies struggle a lot with exposure or effectively using the resources of this site. I can tell, because I couldn’t use the emoticons for a long time after I joined this community *Sick* , and it was with much effort that I learnt it *BigSmile* *BigSmile* *BigSmile* .

*Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3*

*QuestionP* *QuestionP* *QuestionP* So, let’s come to the point. What is this forum all about? *QuestionP* *QuestionP* *QuestionP*

*Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3*

This is a forum solely meant for helping newbies, for sharing their work, for gaining exposure, for getting reviews, for making friends…well, you get it by now, don’t you? *BigSmile* *BigSmile* *BigSmile*
So you feel you want to share a problem you have (be it a getting your poem reviewed or personal issues or even that emoticon thing), this is the place for you. Come share your thoughts with us, make friends, have fun. If you have a problem, we’ll all be happy to solve it.
To cut the long story short, this is a place where we allow ourselves to grow, know each other and share our issues and problems. Along with that we get our work seen.
Just one note of caution: Please keep the rating of items you post in our forum through bitem link of 18+ or below.

*Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3* *Snow3*

*QuestionP* *QuestionP* *QuestionP* So, what do you need to do to be a part of this? *QuestionP* *QuestionP* *QuestionP*

Initially this group was meant entirely for the newbies, and only newbies could be a part of this. But now, with suggestion and initiative of gladiola this group is open to all case colors. So, no matter what the little box beside your name says, if you are a member of WDC, you can be a part of our group. But our motto remains the same. To help our newbies find a way into this immense site, and guide them to share their talent in the best possible manner. Let's all, together, work towards that goal.

*RainbowL* Donations *RainbowR*

As you all must be familiar by now, gps are an important part of WDC culture. They help us to show appreciation for our fellow members. So, any donation you make is hugely welcome and will go directly to "Let's help each other grow- Closed fund. It will help us fund for merit badges and awardicons that we will be giving out to our newbie members who will stand out through their writings and participation to the community.

*ButterflyG* *ButterflyG* *ButterflyG* *ButterflyG* *ButterflyG* *ButterflyG* *ButterflyG*

I have lots of plans for this forum- I want to create contests for us newbies and set up our newbie reviewers group. With a little help on your part we can realize this dream. So let’s just show them we are here! In the mean time, *LeafG* *LeafG* *LeafG* LET’S HELP EACH OTHER GROW!!! *LeafG* *LeafG* *LeafG*

Visit "Let's help each other grow- Closed to be a part of our group.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

*NoteG* These are some useful links to help our newbie members feel comfortable around WDC. Please have a look:

Click Here for the Useful Links

For Group sigs and images, go to the following link:

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Check out this following forum, also dedicated to newbies:

Newbie Help & Support Writer's Hideaway  (E)
A fun forum to help Newbies by answering questions about writing, reviewing, and more.
#1768032 by Tiggy

Check out group's another official contest!

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Meet your Captains!

*Star* ~*Arpita*~ *Star*

If you have any questions, please ask one of the leaders. *Smile*

*ExclaimO* *ExclaimO* ACTIVITIES!! *ExclaimO* *ExclaimO*


Vote for our group in:

The Polar Bear Raffle  (E)
1000 GPs/ticket. 25% of the pot + prizes to win! And it's just the tip of the iceberg...
#1754258 by flea

Reviewer of the month: August 2013

Congratulations wsterling

*** On Hiatus until further notice - Newbies - You can join us at "The Newbies Academy Group ***
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