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We all have nightmares. Tell me yours, and write a story.
We all have nightmares. Sometimes they are scary, even during the day, like seeing your boss turn into something from the Crypt Keeper. Sometimes they are funny during the daytime, like your wife turning into that grandmother-in-law that never liked you. We all have them.

For the most part, our nightmares come from our fears- fear of losing a job, fear of creepy-crawlies crawling all over you, creeping you out, or anything else. Sometimes it’s because you saw a scary movie, like a slasher-film full of blood and gore. Sometimes it’s because you ate some foods that shouldn’t be in the stomach at the same time, like candy and chicken wings. Sometimes you just don’t know why.

I want you to tell me about your own personal nightmare- after that; I want you to write a story based your nightmare.


1. I will Rate and Review each story that shows up- no matter how scary it is- you can’t get that guarantee with many contests.

2. Very Important- Your nightmare will be gone for good. Should said nightmare come back, I shall get a voodoo doctor to chant a “Nightmare Begone” spell for you- that ought to do the trick.

3. At the end of the month, I might give a Merit Badge or a black 10K Awardicon to my favorite nightmare story- depending on funds and number of qualifying entries- at least 5 needed.

Possible Badges
Merit Badge in Vampire Gothic
[Click For More Info]

For being you! Thanks for the friendship and I am so glad to have met'cha! Enjoy *^*Smile*^* Merit Badge in Horror Scary
[Click For More Info]

To an imaginative writer who has created a world inhabited by werewolves, anthros, aliens, humans, and a Big Bad Wolf. (This is part of your SAJ Shower) Merit Badge in Ghost
[Click For More Info]

Wishing you a happy WDC anniversary in advance. *^*Bigsmile*^* You can add this to your collection on the contest page  [Link To Item #1860655] . Merit Badge in Gothic
[Click For More Info]

Big Bad Wolf,
Thank you so very much for your generous donation to  [Link To Item #1889041] . You are not only helping  [Link To Item #1565040] , but also supporting those members who need help keeping their upgrade by funding  [Link To Item #raok] . *^*Delight*^* Giselle

Example of the Black 10K Awardicon

A Monster Soldier's Christmas  (13+)
A soldier's Christmas Story.
#1624533 by BIG BAD WOLF is Merry


1. Content in the post is to be 18+ or less.

2. Story content can be from 13+ to XGC- we are talking about something scary here.

3. Story Must be a static item, and Bitem link is recommended for the story.

4. The nightmare the story is based on must be yours- steal someone else’s and I’ll have that voodoo doctor chant a “Nightmare Eternals” spell on you.

5. The story must be fictional in nature- though it can be based on a real experience, Providing that you've had a nightmare about the event.

6. The story must be new.

7. The Starting Date is the First Day of the month and the Ending date is the Last Day of the month.

8. You may edit your things until the last day- so use Microsoft Word (or whatever you have) to make sure that your spelling and grammar are correct.

9. Optional- read the other peoples’ stories, and r/r them.

10. Have Fun- Very Important!

March Winners

Favorite piece is
Not enough entries

Honorable mention is

Here are the current entries to the contest. Feel free to rate and review- and pass on encouragement.

The Premonition  (18+)
On Halloween, a man is visited by an unknown guest
#2014359 by W.D.Wilcox © ¿ Φ

Here are the Disqualified Entries- They aren't part of the contest, but they are worth a read, and an r/r.

Past Entries
 What's Your Nightmare? Entries  (ASR)
Entries into my contest.
#1864572 by BIG BAD WOLF is Merry

If you're interested in knights in shining armor, try this contest to get a Medieval Badge.
 Medieval Daze Round 10  (18+)
Retell a story in a Medieval setting.
#1886215 by BIG BAD WOLF is Merry

And here's some more scary contests.
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