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A month-long challenge designed to help you plan a novel prior to writing it.
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Oct 3, 2009 at 1:20am
Day 3 Done!
by A Non-Existent User
I decided to post this in, but I got it done and it's awesome! *Smile*

The Basic Facts
Name: Miranda Marie Davidson
Age: 13
City or Area of Birth: Salt Lake City
Sex: Female
Height: 61’’
Weight: 103
Hair: Deep Burnet
Eyes: Brown (then Ice blue)
Clothes: The main thing she most wears is a blue blouse and denim jeans
Occupation: 8th grade
Fighting Ability: Pretty balanced and good
Magical Ability: Ice/Psychic
Character Description: Short, deep burnet hair just above her shoulder blades, wide brown eyes and long lashes, small frame, average nose size, round cheeks, big smile, heart-shaped face.

Familial Relations
Father: Henry Q. Lander
Living/Deceased: Living
Occupation of Father: Police Officer

Mother: Cathy Swiderski
Living/Deceased: Deceased
Parental Marriage Status: Divorced/ Remarried
Occupation of Mother: Was an emergency room nurse
Step-Brother(s): Trenton Andrew Davidson (Uhri), Shawn Kent Davidson (Uhri) [Twins]
Age(s): 16,16
Living/Deceased: Living
Marriage Status: None

Relationships with Others
Best Friend(s): Meghan Anderson (14), Kyle Land (14 ½ ), Austin Brown (13 ½ ), and Katie Reese (13)
Other Friends: Sarah Madden (13), Nichole Deboe (14), Aaron Smith (14), and Jeff Mannier (13 ½)
Worst Enemy: (Later) Marcus
Allies: See Best Friends and Other Friends
Ability to Make New Friends: Tends to keep to herself unless she feels it’s worth getting close to a person
Other People of Note in Character's Life: Vinnie Johnson (35), Dane McGraw (15), and Tim Hayden (8)
Reason Why They are Noteworthy: They are her adoptive family

Where Raised: She was adopted into Vinnie’s small family of her and Dane when she was four and has lived with them ever since. Her parents died in an automobile accident a year earlier and was separated from her twin step-brothers, Trent and Shawn. She lives in a two story home in Pine Grove, California.
Family Background: Cathy, her biological mother, had Miranda at age twenty-six with her college sweet heart, Henry Lander. A year later, they filed for divorce when Cathy caught Henry cheating on her with his partner on the police force. Cathy met Derek Davidson and they married another year later, adding Derek’s sons, Trent and Shawn, to the family. Derek worked as a lawyer in St. George, Utah, and on a trip to California to visit relatives; they crashed in a head collision with a semi-truck. Derek and Cathy died instantly, but all three children survived.

Psych Profile
Greatest Joy: Simple Things. If in the mood, can be very optimistic
Greatest Trauma: None
Morals: Modesty, Chastity, Standing up for others, Not letting down
Ambitions: Do the best she can with what she’s given
Positive Personality Traits: Optimism, understanding, confident
Negative Personality Traits: Anger issues, opinionated (very), speaks without thinking of it
Mannerisms: Can do with the normal “please” and “thank you” ‘s, but tends to have a sharp tongue
Fears, Anxieties: Emotions, especially “gooey” ones, per-say
Temperament: easily angered
How Character Displays Emotions: straightforward, can’t really hide them from others, even if she can hide it from herself.
Leader/Follower: Leader
Perception of Others: Tends to “judge the book by its cover” unless in certain situations where the “cover” is iffy.
Perception of Self: Sees self as someone who has trouble perceiving things correctly and talks too sharply to people when she doesn’t really mean it. Doesn’t put herself high on the pedestal, but isn’t very close to being selfless.
Memories: Doesn’t remember her parents and only remembers glimmers of her step brother (of whom she doesn’t know really exist).
Dreams/Plans: She figures she’ll become a teacher or lawyer, depending on which one will get her into less trouble (hehehehe)
How Character Handles Crisises: Very well, especially considering what she goes through, although she might throw a fit about something every now and then.
Personality Type: Confident, straight forward, sharp mouth/tongue, self-conscious
Attitude Toward Others: Depends on whether or not she’s friendly with them. She can be very nice or very torrid.
Feelings Toward Family: Sometimes has contentions with Dane, the fifteen year old, who suffered illegal slavery when he was young, but loves Vinnie as if she were her biological mother and loves her younger adoptive brother, Tim.
Feelings Toward Friends: Depends on mood. They know how she can be, but she’s usually kind and optimistic with them.
Feelings Toward Strangers of the Same Sex: She’s a thoughtful person and likes to stay away from new people or regular on-the-street stranger of any sex.
Feelings Toward Strangers of the Opposite Sex: see above
Feelings Towards Enemies: Well, when she has one, it’s not very pretty. It’s hard to think very highly of anything they do and she usually is worse with her anger when around her considered enemies.
Day 3 Done! · 10-03-09 1:20am
by A Non-Existent User

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