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Step One of the Application Process: Submit a Review.
The WYRM group banner.

[ Application Review Forum ]

Welcome to Step One of the WYRM application process. If you came across this page by accident, we urge you to visit the main "WYRM group page where you can learn more about our writing and reviewing group.

For those of you who are here on the first step of your application process, welcome! Before you pick an item to review, please check out a couple of the sample reviews listed below. Each one is an example of a WYRM review, written by one of our Full Members, and they're there to give you an idea of what kind of review we expect.

You can also scroll through past posts of application reviews and take a peek at the ones with "(Accepted)" in the subject line. Those made the cut. You might also consider checking out the ones that lack an "(Accepted)" in the subject line, to see what doesn't make the cut.

The review you do here is what will make or break your application. Use the resources we've supplied wisely. This doesn't mean we want you to copy the style of any sample review. We support and applaud individuality. This is just a way for you to get a peek at what sort of insight and suggestions we like to see in reviews.

Once you have an idea of what we're all about (and you haven't run screaming for the hills), read over some of the items up for review and decide which one you would like to tackle. You're going to want to choose one that best allows you to showcase your reviewing strengths.

[ Sample Reviews ]

Here are links to the example reviews mentioned above. You are greatly encouraged to take a look at them.

*Bullet* "Sample Review:The Dangerous One"   by iguanamountain

*Bullet* "Sample Review: Conservation of Light, parts 1 & 2"   by Stargopher

*Bullet* "Sample Review: Lost Realities"   by Arwee

[ Items to Review ]

Choose one of the following items to review. You're welcome and encouraged to send your review to the author in the "review box" at the bottom of the item. You're even welcome to make it public, but A COPY OF YOUR REVIEW MUST APPEAR IN THIS FORUM. A link to your review is not sufficient. If your review does not appear—in full—in a forum post here, then your application will not be considered.

*Bullet* "Entrance Fee [13+] by Satu-a-lantern
    Azura is in charge of the seed that will gain humans a place at the Conference of Worlds.

*Bullet* "Making a Vampire [18+] by Dark Lady
    It's harder than in the movies.

*Bullet* "Loathsome Debts [13+] by Una Ciudad de la Inglaterra
    The first chapter of a YA fantasy novel. The death of Jinxx's kidnapper isn't a relief.

[ Thank You and Good Luck ]

Thank you for your review, and for the time you've spent reading and reviewing. Don't forget to go fill out the Application Form when you have submitted your review below. Once you have both steps completed, we will go over your application and notify you of our decision as soon as possible.

Application Form  [ASR]
Step Two of the Application Process: Survey Questions
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