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Center of Welcome to Everyone, from this Humble Group of the First Children on This Land.
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Thank you, ŴebBad2TheBone ŴiTcH for this wonderful new banner!
GabriellaR45 for our lovely plaque!



In my native language of Cherokee and Lakota:

"Mitakuye O Yr Sin,"

which means,"

"We are all related."


         *Note1* We are a tribe respectively honoring our Native heritage and all that it stands for. A tribe that honors all Native First People, whether they be Navajo, Apache, Cherokee, Blackfoot, Creek or any other Native heritage. All are welcome here.

*Note2* We are about promoting peace, unity and harmony throughout this community. We send love and blessings to all who enter here, and we ask in return that you show us respect for what we stand for and for our Native heritage. My Native heritage is not a joke or game to me, and I'm sure that yours is not to you. I am Cissy (Nega Waya=White Wolf), Founder of Native First People Group. (NFP) I am just one Leader among this group. There are many Leaders, I believe in all honesty that it takes every member working together as one unit to make a group/Tribe work. Everyone Choosing their part that they want to run or to be a partner helper in, each having a say in how this Group is run, because you see..there is no group...without you! *Heart*

*Note3* A member of WDC asked me to please think about starting a Native First People group here. I had to go into my place of prayer and ask Mother Earth to guide me on this matter. The Powers of the Heavens answered in the form of others saying that they would love to join a tribe such as this. I was not sure, because I would never want to do anything that would disrespect my family bloodline and who I am. After much praying, the Native American Treaty Rights attorney, and a Chief form some reservations, almost insisted that I do this... here we are. A new tribe, the NAFP Tribal Group.

*Note4* All are welcome to join our little tribe, which I pray humbly will grow beyond measure. You do not have to be of a certain Native American to join this tribe.The requirements are that you put away any hate of all nationalities, color, and religion, also show everyone here, please, respect as an Author that we, ourselves will show to you, *Smile* I'm sure that many can say in the USA, in past generations they may have had this blood-line and this would apply to themselves. For the ones that have no Native American ancestry in their background at all, you, dear sister or brother, can be an adoption of this tribe. This adoptions is of the heart from Love, 'we' also adopt into our tribe in a more spiritual way with ceremony, So all are welcome to join from all over the world. This is a group showing love everywhere we go. *Heart* Many blessings to you all

         *Note5* Check out our Home Page here:

Native First Peoples Group  (13+)
(Temporarily Closed- revamping)Loving Support group, bringing all people together.
#1465538 by I Love WDC! Cissy❤

*Note3* If you are A WDC Member and are interested in joining this tribe, please look at and post if you would like to join...if you have not received an answer in three days time, please email me I Love WDC! Cissy❤ A.S.A.P. I will send you an invitation to this group. All are welcome here.


Be well my Brothers and Sisters of WDC
Blessings *Heart* Love to you all.

*Heart* Cissy Nega Waya "White Wolf" ~Founder of Native American First People Group,Leader.
ŴebBad2TheBone ŴiTcH ~ Ha-li-yi Wa-ya "Grey Wolf" ~Elder/ Leader/Graphic's
papadoc1 ~ Windtalker, Elder-Leader, Prayer Room-Spiritual Guide

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