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You've been CAUGHT peeking, so please confess by signing in...


Okay, You've been CAUGHT peeking at my port!


So, you might as well confess by dropping down below & signing in.

Drawing by Emril

BUT, before you do, you might want to peruse this page.
You'll learn a little bit about me and get a feel for my port.



*RainbowL* WHO AM I? *RainbowR*

Since a picture is worth a thousand words...
My inspiration for writing - my family.

Joshua 24:15 - "But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."
L to R: Bryan (Hubby of almost 21 years), Aaron (now age 9), Courtney (now age 17), and yep, the lady on the right is me! Location: Grand Canyon in 2008.

A few pertinent facts:

*Check* Hubby is also a WDC author! - (BScholl ) He saw how much fun I was having on here, so he jumped on board too. I love having him on here because it really gives us something to connect over! Thanks WDC!

*Check* Yep, my son is every bit as ornery as he looks, and boy, does he keep life interesting. He drives me insane and makes me laugh all at the same time,
and when the day is done, he's my cuddle bug!

*Check* Then, there is my daughter, my first born. I am so proud of her! She is intelligent, hardworking, level-headed, independent and most importantly, dedicated to living out her faith in Christ.
And no -- I don't know where the blond hair comes from....????

*Check* I'm 40 years old, and for the past 13 years, I have been a middle school language arts teacher in a district with a large population of at-risk students. I have three degrees: BA in English from Miami U., BS in Education from Miami U. and a MS in Literacy from the U. of Dayton. Hobbies include writing, reading, photography, scrapbooking, and a serious addiction to NCIS.

*Check* I joined WDC because I reached a point where I realized I needed to start taking my writing seriously. Perhaps, it was a mid-life crises, but I didn't want to reach the end of my life and think, "You know I could have..." So, whether I only write for myself or go further, I'll have no regrets.


*RainbowL* NAVIGATING MY PORT *RainbowR*

The best way to know me is to read me!
Click on the links to take you to my folders. I've highlighted my favorite works in each.

Short Stories
Short Stories  (13+)
My short stories to make you laugh... to make you cry.
#1645876 by Pepper loving NanoWriMo!

*ThumbsUp* Favorite *ThumbsUp*
Choked  (13+)
A community learns what protecting their students really means after the death of a girl.
#1624569 by Pepper loving NanoWriMo!

Poetry  (E)
A little bit of me... A little bit of nonsense...
#1645883 by Pepper loving NanoWriMo!

*ThumbsUp* Favorite *ThumbsUp*
Where I'm From  (E)
Based on the poem by George Ella Lyon & chronicles my journey into adulthood
#1634175 by Pepper loving NanoWriMo!

Memories  (ASR)
Come be my friend.... Laugh with me. Cry with me.
#1645887 by Pepper loving NanoWriMo!

*ThumbsUp* Favorite *ThumbsUp*
 Last Breath  (13+)
A memoir piece about my father's death.
#1624554 by Pepper loving NanoWriMo!


*RainbowL* MY GROUPS *RainbowR*

Check out these folders to explore my groups.

 Paper Doll Gang Assignments  (E)
Misc. Paper Doll Assignments. (Excludes Short Stories & Poems)
#1644356 by Pepper loving NanoWriMo!

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Rising Star  (E)
I'm a "Rising Star."
#1640176 by Pepper loving NanoWriMo!

Signature created by our dear talented friend, Kelly1202

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