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by River
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Do You Enjoy Reviewing NEW Members to Welcome Them to WdC? Earn Prizes & GPs. EDITING.
Welcome to the Newbie Welcome Wagon!

Image for 'The Newbie Welcome Wagon'

Image created by the talented iKïyå§ama Thank you! *Heart*

Click here to SCROLL down to the journal entries.

A special, heartfelt thank you also goes out to ~WhoMe???~
for the unbelievably gorgeous trophy that graces our page.

Do You Enjoy Reviewing NEW Members & Welcoming Them to Writing.Com?
Well, You've Come to the Right Place!


The Newbie Welcome Wagon is a forum designed to encourage and support those who review newbies.There is
no group to join and your reviews can go to any group of your choosing when you AFFILIATE them


                   *BurstR* Find a new member who has been on the site for less than six months and review their work!
                         (In order to be fair, we will be checking the date of their membership)

                   *BurstR* COPY & PASTE the following tag line at the top of your review:

{center}{font:arial}{size:4}{e:balloonR}{s:2}{b}Welcome to WdC from the {item:1814944}{/b}{s}{e:balloonR}{/size}{/font}{/center}
Which Will Show Up As:

*BalloonR*    Welcome to WdC from the "Newbie Welcome Wagon *BalloonR*

                   *BurstR* Don't forget to post your review links here in the forum in {review:4480637} format.
                         (If you aren't sure how to do this, check out:
"Item Linking ~ 2.#4) or Collect the Trinket Below:

                   *BurstR* If you are already part of a group that rewards their members with GP credit for reviews, you
                         can affiliate your review with them and use our tag line (as above) to receive credit from both places!


What, You Mean There's Something MORE Than the Great Sense of Community Spirit You Get from
Welcoming NEW Members to Our Second Home? *Wink*

                                       *BulletV* Each review will earn you REVIEW CREDITS of at least 100 GPs!

                                       *BulletV* Your increased Review Standing will also earn you more Community Recognition

                                       *BulletV* 15 reviews within the same month will earn you a Merit Badge!

Merit Badge for JUNE You'll Be Working to Earn is:
Encore! Encore!

Merit Badge in Encore! Encore!
[Click For More Info]

 In recognition of your  5 years  on WDC... and in hopes of your surviving many more! 🤣  Thanks for all you do to make WDC the wonderful community it is. *^*hug*^*

And Check Out:
Reviewing with River  (E)
A reviewing forum for those interested in improving their reviewing skills.
#2129067 by River

WhataLand  (ASR)
How-To Help. Have fun while learning about WdC! 2018 Quill HM Best Educational :-D
#2129802 by WhataAmused

Welcome Wagon cNotes ~ All Occasions!  (E)
Send a beautiful and heartfelt cNote featuring cute wagons and even cuter kids. Help NWW!
#2192443 by Krysha ~ BLESSED

So, what are you waiting for? Have some fun, support and encourage new members, earn GPs, and win prizes!!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me River at any time! *Bigsmile*

*Dollar* Donations are always very welcome. If you find yourself in a position to donate GPs, please send them here *Right* "Newbie Welcome Wagon - Bank (Group ID # 1814947) or you can also post them in the forum *Smile*

*GiftB* Very Generous Donations: 2019!*Gift*
Lilli ☕
"Group for OOT'S Weekly Raffle
Octobersun ~"Bank for Simple Fundraiser

Total Merit Badges Given Per Month

Total Merit Badges Given Out Since Opening: *Right* 420

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