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Can you capture the essence of an ancestor in one story or poem? (2013 Quill Award Winner)
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This contest will put your skills to the test. Can you capture the essence of your ancestor in one story or poem? What does their life and legacy say to you, and how can you spread the message? Can you speak for them, and tell their story? If you don't, who will?

There are stories all around us. As writers, we find truth and inspiration every day, and through our passion and talent, we are able to show the world something they haven't seen before. We can find inspiration in the lives of those who went before us. They long for you to tell their stories, and make them live again.

But, everyone is too busy!  Free time is scarce and distractions are plentiful. Disconnection through connectivity is the challenge of our age.  With time at such a premium, how can we grasp and keep the attention of the wandering mind? How can we make their stories relevant in an age of instant information? How can we make our ancestors heard in an era where there is already too much noise?

By making their stories short and unobtrusive, and basing them on factual documentation, we can give them a voice. Short stories and poetry ask little time, yet can ignite the imagination. Through the use of historical fiction, we can breathe life into well-known anecdotes and create a spark of interest into otherwise forgotten family lore. The true character and thoughts of our ancestors will live again when the world they lived in is recreated.

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Round 17

Prompt 1: Share a story that illustrates an aspect of your ancestor's life that would be very different to how it is done today, eg. schoolyard games, laundry chores, entertaining the children, etc.

Prompt 2:  Share a special occasion in your ancestor's life.  Perhaps their wedding, a prom night or debutante ball, christening, etc.  Let us see their finery, taste what they ate, etc.

Prompt 3: Open - Do you have a great story to tell? Give us your best family jewel.  What is buried under the dust in your attic?

For inspirational prompts from previous rounds, check out "R&W Contest Prompts

If you have suggestions for prompts please post them in the "Roots & Wings Discussion Forum or e-mail to Angels in my Ear or Elle

For quick and easy linking to our contest page, use our item alias {item:roots}

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Roots and Wings Rules Graphic

Round 17 begins August 11th and closes Oct. 10th

Bullet for Roots and Wings Contest  This is a bi-monthly contest. This means each round covers a 2 month period.
Bullet for Roots and Wings Contest Any form accepted: poetry, essay, short story.
Bullet for Roots and Wings Contest Any piece inspired by the prompt is accepted. Item does not have to be limited to specific prompt.
Bullet for Roots and Wings Contest Must not exceed a rating of 18+.
Bullet for Roots and Wings Contest Poetry must be 40 lines or fewer. Short stories and essay limited to 2500 words.
Bullet for Roots and Wings Contest Can be old or new items, but must be in your portfolio.
Bullet for Roots and Wings Contest Items with awardicons are accepted.
Bullet for Roots and Wings Contest Items may be fictional if based on actual research.  You could use autobiographies, biographies, letters, pictures, and news accounts to find information. Include as much biographical information as you can. If you have any photos, feel free to add them to your document. Try to list any of these resource item at the bottom of your piece .
Bullet for Roots and Wings Contest Must be submitted in bitem format. If you need help with bitem linking, please see "Newbie Hyperlinking 101 - Bitem Format
Bullet for Roots and Wings Contest items from previous rounds may be re-submitted if there has been significant editing.
Bullet for Roots and Wings Contest Editing is allowed, however, the judges may read your entry at any time after you submit your entry, and will judge the current version at the time of reading.

Do you need somewhere to start? Don't know which ancestor to look for? Take this survey and see what you already have, but didn't know.

WHO ARE YOU??!!  (E)
If you shook your family tree, where would your apple land? (2013 Quill Award Winner)
#1962212 by Angels in my Ear

Roots and Wings Newsletter Archives  (E)
Information on finding, researching, and recording your family history.
#2026694 by Angels in my Ear

Also, if you're  looking for free access to genealogical information,  try http://www.familysearch.org This site is similar to ancestry.com, but it is free of charge. Good luck!

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R&W Prizes Graphic

*Star* 1st Place: 25k Awardicon, + Roots and Wings MB
*Star* 2nd Place: 10K Awardicon + Roots and Wings MB
*Star* 3rd Place:   10K Awardicon or Roots and Wings MB (winners choice)
*Star* Honorable Mention: 5,000 gps

participants will receive a Roots and Wings MB for their first round entry.

Merit Badge in Roots and Wings
[Click For More Info]

Without you, there'd be no  [Link To Item #1962411]  and no  [Link To Item #1962161] . You inspire me and you get me motivated, and you encourage everyone to take the next step (whatever that step might be) in their journey towards documenting their family history. You can look at all these wonderful family stories and poems, and know that without your efforts, they might not have been written. Thank you for letting me play a part, but thank you more for taking action and helping make this group a reality.

If there are fewer than 5 entries, only first place will be awarded. If there are fewer than 8, only first and second places will be awarded. Honorable mentions may be given at the judges discretion.

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Roots and Wings Qualified Entry 

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R&W Judges Image

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Winners Graphic

Round 17

1st place
Washout!  (18+)
an essay about my great grandfather...
#2058838 by Jim - Happy Easter!

2nd place
The Unofficial Divorce  (E)
A couple wanting to divorce during a time it was unacceptable.
#2055742 by ashley

3rd place
 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#1926572 by Not Available.


Once there was a Candy Giver  (E)
A simple glimpse of my Grandpa
#2058384 by Samberine:Thank-u Anonymous

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R&W Donor Graphic

Donations of 30K or more will receive a Merit Badge.

Donations may be posted in the forum or sent to "Roots and Wings Contest Management

Roots & Wings Group  (E)
A group for those with an interest in writing their memoirs or family history.
#1962411 by Elle

Roots & Wings Discussion Forum  (E)
For discussion on all things related to family history and memoir research and writing.
#1962413 by Elle

Contest Central Station  (E)
Looking for contests to enter? We list them by genre and type. Find your next destination.
#1797031 by Jim - Happy Easter!

Shadows and Light Poetry Contest  (E)
Do you love the challenge and creativity of free verse poetry? This contest is for you.
#1935693 by Angels in my Ear

One of my favorite writing quotes and the inspiration behind my pen name.
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