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Short story contest (with great prizes) for LGBT characters.
The Gay/Lesbian Genre Writing Contest
A short contest for anyone writing with LGBT themes and characters.

*Ribbonb* 1st Place: 25K awardicon + a Gay/Lesbian MB + 10,000 Gift Points
*Ribbonr* 2nd Place: A Gay/Lesbian MB + 8,000 Gift Points
*Ribbong* 3rd Place: 6,000 Gift Points

*Star* Two (2) or less entries: no awards will be given but each entry will receive 2,000 GPs.
*Star* Three (3) entries: only 1st place will be awarded.
*Star* There must be at least six (6) entries to award all three prizes.

*StarO* A special prize will be given to any author who submits a new short story for at least eight (8) rounds using the same character/s.

*Boxcheck* - Short stories only.
*Boxcheck* - Word count: Minimum - 1000. Maximum 5,000.
*Boxcheck* - Entries must not exceed a 'GC' content rating.
*Boxcheck* - No erotica or fan-fiction accepted (other genres are all good).
*Boxcheck* - Must use one of the listed prompts for the current round.
*Boxcheck* - Must clearly be of the LGBT genre and have characters/themes that reflect that.
*Boxcheck* - Only one entry per person in each round.
*Boxcheck* - New pieces only.
*Boxcheck* - Entries must be posted in "B-item" format
*Boxcheck* - Prompt and Word or Line Count must be included in either the forum post or item.

*Questiong* - Contest runs from the 1st day to the last day of each month (WDC time).
*Questiong* - New prompts will be posted on the 1st.
*Questiong* - Winners will be announced by the end of the following round.

*Cherries* *HeartP* *TeaO* January Prompts *TeaO* *HeartP* *Cherries*

*Starr* Prompt #1: *Staro*
A younger sibling reveals they're LGBT.

*Starp* Prompt #2: *Starv*
With a new year starting, your character also decides to start something new.

*Star* Prompt #3: *Starg*

*Fleurdelis* This Round's Judges

If you wish to be a judge, please send an email to Osirantinous

*Cherries* *HeartP* *TeaO* Entries and Winners - January 2022 *TeaO* *HeartP* *Cherries*

"The Discussion"   by LJ Barr

*Heart**Heart**Heart* Donations *Heart**Heart**Heart*
All donations are welcome!
Send donations via a forum post below or send to "The LGBT Contest Bank/Group [E]
We love our donors and we love rewarding them for their generosity!

Donate 40,000 GPs or more and you will receive a Kindhearted Merit Badge!

Sig for nominees

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Osirantinous

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