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by Elle
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A forum for discussing romance and/or posting completion of group tasks.
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About the group...
The "Matters of the Heart group was created to bring together the readers and writers of romance on this site.  We want to encourage participation in the various romance-themed contests and activities across Writing.com and inspire the creation of more wonderful romance works to be read and enjoyed.  A big thank you to Alexi 2019 for suggesting the name.

How to join...
If you would like to join the "Matters of the Heart group, simply send an email to Elle and ask to be made a member.  The group is open to anyone who would like to join.  There are no minimum participation requirements.

How to earn merit badges...
Merit Badge in Matters of the Heart
[Click For More Info]

Thank you for making this possible.  I am looking forward to seeing an increase of interest and enthusiasm for the group thanks to you.  *^*Delight*^*

You can earn merit badges by participating in various romance-themed contests and activities around the site.  For every 10 points you earn, you get a merit badge.

The individual requirements of each contest and activity must be met, therefore if an entry is disqualified, it does not earn a point. 

For a single point, you can:
*Bulletr* enter a romance story to "Paradise Cove Writing Challenge-On Hold
*Bulletr* enter a story to "A Romance Contest ~~ Open
*Bulletr* enter a story to "Paranormal Romance Short Story Contest
*Bulletr* enter a romance story to "Tales of Seduction
*Bulletr* enter a poem to "Write from the Heart Poetry Contest
*Bulletr* complete a week at "I Write Romantic in Winter
*Bulletr* enter a romance-themed story or poem to any other Writing.com contest.  Your entry must have a clear romance theme
*Bulletr* start or add to an interactive in the romance genre.  Your addition must be a minimum of 500 words to count for your point
*Bulletr* review items from the romance genre (you will earn one point for every 10,000 characters (not including Writing ML, fluff or signatures).  This is cumulative, so may be two 5,000 character reviews or ten 1,000 character reviews. Reviews can be affiliated with any group
*Bulletr* submit five product reviews for products in the romance genre to "Angel Product Reviews
*Bulletr* take the "HSP ~ Romantica class or another romance writing class
*Bulletr* donate 10,000 to the "Matters of the Heart group.  This is cumulative and may be donated in smaller amounts over time

The first time you complete ten different tasks off the list above, you will earn a bonus 10 points.

Please post in the forum below with a link to your post in the relevant forum.  For instance, your post in the contest forum that constitutes your entry, or your post in the "Angel Product Reviews forum.  Use the format {post:xxxxxx}.
For reviews, please post them below using the format {review:xxxxxx}.

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