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This is a forum for everybody loves sci-fi
Outworid  (E)
This is a forum for everybody loves sci-fi
#2050029 by Chris Breva- Grandpa?

As the name implies this forum is a place to discuss science - fiction, enjoy activities associated with science-fiction, and become better authors of science - fiction. As a student in school I was not one of the social elite. However, without my knowledge a fellow student suggested a new category of "Most Likely" for our yearbook and nominated me. It was "Most Likely to Publish a best seller". Well I haven't surpassed Patterson yet but I'm in the race with four books published by a traditional publisher.Writing science-fiction has been a passion all of my life because we are not merely authors, but we're inventors as well. Today's science - fiction technology is tomorrow's science fact. Who remembers writing about doing their shopping from home by computer say 1975? A recent study from Gallop said over 50 percent of all shopping today is by internet! So keep inventing!

I have a few images being made. They will be posted here. The following images are to use by our marks the fifteenth Anniversary of this great site. To celebrate Chris' Science Fiction Forum and our associated group Outworld are hosting s science-fiction writing challenge.

September is a big month for WDC. September is the month in which it all started. September 2015 marks the fifteenth anniversarry of WDC and there are all kinds of activities] planned around the site. We are no exception. We are going to hold a science-fiction short story writing contest. Here are the details as explained by our Co-Chair, Mr. A.J. Caesar.

World Domination
> > Competition

Celebrating the15th Anniversary of the WDC
> > Community

You're a great story master bent on world domination of the WDC Community, but you need to enlist the help of a main character to achieve your mission.
First, you must fill in your characters' bio just like you did when you joined WDC.
You can choose either a hero or villain to be your protagonist. Once you fill out
their bio you can write either a short story with them as the main character or just a brief introduction into their world. The winning characters will then take over the WDC Community.

This is a two round contest event. So please make sure you read both round's
Round One Rules:

1.) First create a static item. Put your character bio providing the
information required listed below into the top part.
About Me:

Here is an example in the dropnote below.
2.) Once you have your main character's bio finished you need to write underneath it either a short story or a brief introduction of your main character in the world they live in. It must be within 500 – 2000 words. Your story or snippet can be for anything in speculative fiction.
What is speculative fiction? ▼

Sept. 7th, 2015. Accepted entries for the first part of this contest
will be posted on the bottom of this page.

Each entry that meets the above requirements will receive 2,500 gps.

Please remember to create a static item for this.
Post it in the forum below with this title: My Character
Enter your item using this code: {bitem: #######}. You must however close the gap.

Round Two Rules:

1.) Pick any character from the accepted list of characters posted on
the bottom of this page after Sept. 7th. You can use as many as you want from the list. But you must at least choose one.
2.) Once you selected your characters, you will write a complete story. It must be at least 1500 words and can be as long as you want.

.) YOU MUST include either the Storymaster, Storymistress,or both into your
story. It could be just a little part in a small scene, or a major impact. You are given free creative license in writing them into your story. Do they survive or do they end in some mysterious fate or doom. Remember creativity will be a major part in the judging.

Final Deadline:
Sept. 30th, 2015. The winners will be chosen within the next week after
the contest. They will be posted on the bottom of this page.
1st Place – receives a 25k Awardicon
2nd Place – receives a 10k Awardicon
3rd Place 25,000 gps.

Bonus Rewards:
Depending on the amount of donations received, each winner will win a
percentage of the GPs left over.

Quantum Myths will retain 50% of the proceeds.

1st – 20% GPs
2nd – 10% GPs
3rd – 10% Gps

Mystery Prize to who submits the most interesting character in

Here are some signatures for group use

This is a signature for use by Outworld members and others. .

Another Outworld image

the writing ML is {image:

Another image for Outworld Forum


Another Outworld Image


Other Outworld signatures
 Other Outworld Signatures  (E)
Other signatures for Outworld Forum
#2056101 by Chris Breva- Grandpa?

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