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Ever tried writing your own fairytale? Now is your chance!
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What little girl doesn't love fairytales? Princesses, magic, handsome princes... and anything else pretty and sparkly you want to throw into the mix! I can almost guarantee that little Phoebe dreams of being a beautiful pink, flowing dress. The dress might be hiding at the moment, but her smile definitely makes her beautiful.

Why don't you use your words to make Phoebe into a princess? Maybe a fairy even?

Here's your task:

*Fairy3* Using 500-1000 words, write your very own fairytale
*Fairy3* You are welcome to use old fairytales as your inspiration - but obviously don't just copy them!
*Fairy3* ALL stories must feature Phoebe as the protagonist
*Fairy3* No story should exceed the WDC E-rating
*Fairy3* Please post your finished story in the forum below using a {bitem:xxxxxx} link
*Fairy3* Please please do not delete your story until you know it's safe to do so -
         *Fairy3* All stories will be put together for Phoebe to read at a later date
         *Fairy3* If you would like Phoebe to know who you are, please put your name at
         the end of your story.
         *Fairy3* If you do NOT want your story included in the final compilation, let me

         *Fairy3* Closing date: 14th October 2015


1st - 25k Awardicon & placed on the waiting list for a StoryKids Week MB

2nd - 10k Awardicon & placed on the waiting list for a StoryKids Week MB

3rd - Placed on the waiting list for a StoryKids Week MB

Honorable Mention - 5000GPs

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