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Jack loves maths and science. What facts can you find to excite this little guy?
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Creator of Happy Travels   and Phoebe's brother, Jack is only 7 years old, but he's an extremely clever 7 year-old! Some of his favourite things are: science, nature and learning.
Using SM's words, here's how smart Jack is:

"He likes harder mazes and just started into simple logic puzzles... He's officially in 3rd grade, but at the end of last year, he tested at high school math level and junior high reading level. He's in the gifted program with his cyber school..."

Here's your task

*BeakerB* Find as many cool, weird, geeky, wonderful science/maths facts as you can
*BeakerG* Make sure your chosen facts would interest a 7 year-old boy like Jack
*BeakerO* Put all your facts in a static item with as much info as you can...
*BeakerP* No entry should exceed the WDC E-rating
*BeakerR* Please post your item in the forum below using a {bitem:xxxxxx} link
*BeakerGr* When finished, please state the final number of facts you came up with
*BeakerR* You can edit your item (add to it) right up to the closing date

*BeakerY* Please please do not delete your facts until you know it's safe to do so -
         *BeakerY* All facts will be put together for Jack to read at a later date
         *BeakerY* If you have pictures in your item, I may ask you for a link later
         *BeakerY* If you would like Jack to know who you are, please put your name at
         the end of your item.
         *BeakerY* If you do NOT want your entry included in the final compilation, let me

         *Beakerr* Closing date: 14th October 2015

How to earn prizes

Prizes for this will be determined by how many facts are in your item.

         *Temphot* 1-10 facts will get you - 5000GPs
         *Temphot* 11-25 facts will get you - 5000GPs & placed on the waiting list for an aMAZing Jack MB
         *Temphot* 26+ facts will get you - A 10k awardicon (or 10k GPs) & placed on the waiting list for an aMAZing Jack MB

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