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Build a new world!

A Whole New World
Banner and signature created by flea

J.K. Rowling did it. J.R.R. Tolkien did it. Now you can do it too! Have a world that you've been thinking about? Or maybe one that's already in the process? Or maybe you're just looking for a new project? Follow a six month plan to build a new world!

This activity is exclusively for building entirely new worlds in the fantasy/sci-fi genres. If you just want to write something that takes place in our world with fantasy/sci-fi elements, this activity will not work.

Each month will include a project working on an aspect of your world. Complete each project for GPs. Your final project will be worth a shot at the prizes listed below. You have to be in this for the long haul. Most authors spend YEARS building a world, but I'm condensing it into half a year. Of course, you can always return to this world after the activity and work on it more, but for the purpose of this activity you only have six months.

Sign-Ups Are Closed!
Close: November 1, 2017

Start Date: September 1, 2017

*Star* This activity involves commitment. You must check in every month for each project, if you miss two consecutive months you will be removed from the group and the activity.
*Star* Yes, there is catching up allowed. If you miss a month, you may submit that project in another month up to the end of the fifth month. This does mean that you do not need to catch up by the next month. For example if you can't find time to complete Month One in Month Two, that is fine; just have it done by Month Five. Unfortunately, Month Five must be completed on time. You need all your building blocks for your final project. If you are not caught up by the end of month five, you will be disqualified and removed from the group and the activity because it would be near impossible to catch up AND finish your final project. This also means that if you just found the activity, you're allowed to sign up for two months after the activity starts (until Month Three). Otherwise, you'll be too far behind. This activity takes a lot of thought and work.
*Star* Each month, I will post which project we'll be working on including ideas and specifics that need to be included in your project.
*Star* Each project will start the first day of the month at 12:00 a.m. WDC and be due the last day of the month at 11:59 p.m. WDC.
*Star* Please do not submit projects early (meaning a month ahead, you may submit any time during the given month, besides you wouldn't have all the details). You really should be spending the majority of the month working on each project to fully round out all aspects of your world.
*Star* HOWEVER, you SHOULD be working on your final project throughout the months instead of scrambling last minute (here's the wannabe teacher in me).
*Star* You will be judged on your final project, but receive monthly incentives to keep going. Projects turned in on time will receive 3,000 GPs if they meet all the criteria specified for that month (That's 18,000 GPs just for completing projects).
*Star* You can add to your projects from previous months if you think of things. These aren't what you're judged on; see them more as building blocks. In fact, I encourage you to add things as you think of them.
*Star* The rating for this forum is E, but the max rating for your projects is GC.
*Star* I'd recommend creating a book item for this activity, but it is NOT necessary (folders would also be useful). Please post your projects in {b-item:xxxxxx} or {entry:xxxxxx} format. If you need help with this, LET ME KNOW. Do NOT post your project in the forum. I want you to have each project for your records and in your portfolio.

*Gold* Prizes *Gold*
Six Entries required for all places to be awarded; Four Entries for first and second to be awarded

*TrophyG* First Place *TrophyG*
200K Awardicon (or GP equivalent)

*TrophyS* Second Place *TrophyS*
150K Awardicon (or GP equivalent)

*TrophyB* Third Place *TrophyB*
100K Awardicon (or GP equivalent)

Participants and Their Projects
Kate ~ Writing and Reading ^_^
*Asterisk* Projects
ONE Scribe
*Asterisk* Projects
*Asterisk* Projects
Wyked:I bid you all adieu.
*Asterisk* Projects
Vinnie Faraday
*Asterisk* Projects
*Asterisk* Projects
Dawn Embers
*Asterisk* Projects
*Asterisk* Projects
*Asterisk* Projects
Piratess Dawniebelle
*Asterisk* Projects
Matt Appleby
*Asterisk* Projects
RimaD~Moon Fairy
*Asterisk* Projects
*Asterisk* Projects
Celtic SeaWolf
*Asterisk* Projects
Elycia ☮ Zzzzzzz
*Asterisk* Projects
*Asterisk* Projects
*Asterisk* Projects
*Asterisk* Projects
*Asterisk* Projects

Projects can be presented in bullet points, scenes, or any other fashion; however, they must be well thought out, specific, and include all the information specified in the post for that month. More details for each month will be included in the post and here specified by a *AsteriskR*.
*Right* Month One and Two: Setting and Infrastructure. Is this sci-fi, fantasy, or otherwise? If you were in this world, what would you see? What is the flora and fauna? What do the buildings look like? What is the currency? What is the transportation system like? What jobs are there? This will be the meat of your world.
"*Asteriskr*Month One Project Details"  
"*Asteriskr*Month Two Project Details"  
"*Asteriskr*Month Three Project Details"  
*Right* Month Three: Rules and Regulations. What are the laws in this world? What is the government like? If there is magic, what are the rules and limitations? Is there an education system?
*Right* Month Four: People. Are there different races in this world? What are they like? What are their customs? What are the language systems? What is the family system like?
*Right* Month Five: Other. What other aspects can you think of that you haven't discussed already? These can be plot points. For example, is there a war?
*Right* Month Six: Final Project. A 3,000 word + (no maxium) story (or chapter) taking place in your new world. Be sure to include all the aspects you've worked on because this is what you'll be graded on. While you do not need to include every single thing you came up with, you must touch on all aspects. For example, not EVERY plant and EVERY animal needs to be discussed, but you do need to show some of them. I realize that this is a lot of information (and very specific at that) and that most of you are writing novels meaning that a lot of information will show up as the story progresses. Think of this as an introduction to your world. You must include something from every question from every month, but not everything.

In your story I would like to see:
A bit about the landscape: physical features and possibly a plant and an animal. If the plants and animals don’t necessarily come up, that’s okay, but I would like to see a bit of the land. I say this because I’d like to see Month One come into play.
A bit about the government and other systems: I understand if not all the systems from Month Two come up, but try to include two or three. I think these are vital to your world because they describe how it ticks.
A character interacting with rules/regulations and the limitations they might face.
An example of the customs or rituals or both. I’d like to see a bit about the races in the world (if relevant). I’d mostly like to see interactions with other people and how this affects the character. Of course there are exceptions to this if in your story the character doesn’t run across other people. However, I’d still like you to include some aspect of Month Four if this is the case.
Include something you talked about in Month Five.

Your story will be judged on including these factors, but will also be judged on cohesiveness and grammar/spelling. These should be final drafts ready for your readers. They will be judged like any other contest with the addition of looking for things you've been working so hard on.

NOTE: These are just here to give you an idea of what we'll be working on each month, so you can start thinking about your world. Each month I will post a more detailed outline of things you MUST include to receive your incentive in addition to a suggested word count. You can find these posts marked by a red asterisk (*AsteriskR*)
NOTE: If you happen to discuss something in a month that comes up in a later month, you can just make a note to let me know you already discussed it. For example if you discuss something in Month One that later comes up as a question in Month Two, you can just let me know you discussed it in Month One and I'll go back and find it. Just make sure to let me know! I am known for my poor memory.
NOTE: If you don't want to share your world with the world yet *Ha*, you can always set your item to "Group Only: A Whole New World Participants". If you need help with this, let me know.

We now have a shareable signature!
Just copy this ID into your signature and it will lead people right to the activity and your projects! {image:2088141}

Group/Bank: "A Whole New World Participants

Donations greatly appreciated. Any donation of 40,000 or more will receive a MB from my own funds. This activity BLEEDS gift points, so anything you can donate will be massively appreciated.
Later donated 50,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
Lisa Angelo donated 1,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
Alexi is thankful for each day donated 30,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
Kate ~ Writing and Reading ^_^ donated 10,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
Matt Appleby donated 5,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
Inkslinger donated 10,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
Escape Artist donated 700,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
TJ Marie donated 10,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
Tiggy donated 50,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
lizco252 donated 75,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
ZombeeLuv donated 10,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
Gaby donated 100,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
abcoachnz-2018Begins donated 10,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
Walkinbird donated 5,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
Schnujo donated 50,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
Piratess Dawniebelle donated 40,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
"World Weavers donated 18,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
Lorraine donated 50,000 GPs Thank You *Heart*
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