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Post all Rising Stars completions here.


"Candidates Calendar-Activities 2016-2017
Total number of credits needed to earn Rising Stars Status by June: 18,000

All items must be 13+ or lower: "Content Rating System (CRS) &
 Item By Item Content Ratings  (GC)
This forum is for the discussion of content ratings; item by item.
#229818 by The ScaryMaster

Please send Gabriella all bitem numbers for any new items you create. Thank you.

Hosted and updated by Gambling Vampire

*StarO* Please e-mail Hannah if you have a question regarding your scorecards or if something isn't listed in the Cafe.
*StarO* Please email Gabriella if you have a question regarding any of the writing challenges.

*StarB* Second half of the program: Candidates will be awarded credits on an individual basis as the main focus will be on substance.

*StarV* Once you reach 18,000, you are encouraged to keep on going! Graduate with honors in June for having exceeded the number of credits required.

*StarO* While you may choose the challenges you want to do to earn your points, this is reminder that reviewing 3 of your fellow Candidates' items is mandatory each month. Thanks~Hannah

*StarB* Please post all completions in the forum below. Title your message with an appropriate title such as: Poe Crossword Completed, and in the body list your completion. Include a {bitem:} if you created an item.

*StarB* Please use this forum for completions only. You may feel free to chat with your fellow Candidates/Sponsors, help each other, share your comments, problems or receive positive feedback in your "Candidates Cafe and Gallery. If you have a question for Gabriella, tag her in your post, {suser:gabriellar45}. *Smile*

*StarB* You do not have to post your 3 monthly reviews here. Post them in "It's Our Job To Shine Bright. Please post them in db format. There is an example in the forum right above the posted reviews. If you have an item you'd like reviewed by your fellow Candidates, you may post it here, and do try and honor their requests with a review: "Future Star Review Request. Thank you.

*StarB* Sponsors, please give your candidate lots of encouragement and/or any assistance they may need to succeed. Thank you for sponsoring a candidate.

*Right* Click here to go directly to the forum posts
or jump over to "Candidates Cafe and Gallery.

*Pencil* Candidate Scorecards *Pencil*

Click on your dropnote to see your scorecard.

 Rising Stars Winter Writing Festival   (E)
Eight-Month Writing Intensive. 2016-2017
#2103414 by Gabriella

*StarR* IMPORTANT: Because we're proud of your work, we'd like you to post each piece you write for this Rising Stars Project in your portfolio in a dedicated folder. Each poem, essay, or story must be free-standing with its own item number. (please don't place the originals in your journal or blog) While you are welcome to include a link to each piece in your journal or blog, the original must be kept in a Rising Stars Folder in your port. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, Gabriella .

*StarR* Please post tasks one at a time, titled, and post the item numbers/entry/link if they have one, rather than posting your journals. Be sure and keep listing them in your journals too. Thank you. *Smile*

*StarG* Lostwordsmith -

*StarV* Pager

*StarB* Warpedsanity

*StarP* Wiesblaize

*StarR* Seuzz

*StarY* Kerrimiler

*StarP* Msromoski71

*StarB* JGPuma

*StarV* Purplesunday

*StarR* Schnujo

*StarG* Espero

*Star* Fateparadox

*StarB* 777Stan

*StarR* Angelglory

*StarO* Ethalweg

*StarY* Naveedsk

Contact us anytime: Writing Challenges: Gabriella , Scorecards/Reviews: Gambling Vampire

Post Reviews here: "It's Our Job To Shine Bright. Be sure to check the Public box and affiliate them to "Rising Stars Member-to-Member Reviewers .
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