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Closed until December! Contest to push you to your limit and beyond with strange prompts
After Party Clean Up!
Closed until after NaNoWriMo!
Sorry for the delay!
Thanks for the support!

PPP Contest Stuff

Banner for September 2018 PPP contest

If you are looking for some interesting, unique, challenging, and downright strange writing prompts, you have come to the right place!

*Lightning*The goal of this contest is to give you a chance to defeat writer's block by writing about something seemingly random and may be rather difficult to put into words. Don't be afraid! This is how we grow as writers!*Lightning*

Banner for party

for PPP contest

This contest will be held monthly with a different Pretty Pesky Prompt! The contest will begin on the first of each month and end on the last day of the month!

For WDC Birthday party

*CheckR* Newly written short stories ONLY
*CheckR* Entry up to 1000 words
*CheckR* Posted in B-ITEM form { bitem:XXXXXXX } (no spaces and replace the 'X' with your item number!
*CheckR* One entry per round, per person
*CheckR* Include a word count at the bottom of your story
*CheckR* Editing is allowed up until the deadline
*CheckR* Item rating 13+ and younger please. Nothing too gory
*CheckR* Any entry not following the rules will be disqualified!
*CheckR* Judges' decision are final
*CheckR* Reviews from judges are not required - their choice entirely, but can be requested
*CheckR* If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask them in the forum below or email me directly

PPP image for WDC birthday

September Pretty Pesky Prompt:

WDC is turning 18! It is your job to plan a surprise party! Write a story detailing the events that will take place at the party! Remember: It is a surprise! You can't tell WDC!

WDC Birthday imageWDC Birthday imageWDC Birthday image

*Dollar* *Ribbon* *Badge* *Dollar*

*TrophyG* First place: 10k Awardicon + 10,000 gps *Ribbon* *Dollar*
*TrophyS* Second place: Merit Badge + 5,000 gps *Badge* *Dollar*
*TrophyB* Third place: 10,000 gps *Dollar*

Gifts for the surprise party

*ExclaimBl* Prizes are subject to change
*ExclaimBl* If there are less than 5 entries, only the 1st place will be awarded
*ExclaimBl* Less than 10, 1st and 2nd place will be awarded
*ExclaimBl* It is solely the judges' decision if they wish to award all three places if the contest didn't get enough entries

WDC Surprise Party Image

Any donation of 40k or more will receive a merit badge of their choice!

Embrace the Peskiness!

Trinket will be given to all participants!
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