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Message forum listing of solicited user and hints to clean your emails.
Message Forum List Of Unwanted Email Senders

It's annoying to check your own emails and see a solicited title or obscene message from a sender you don't even know.

This is an article as well as a forum to list a few tips to fix that.

This forum is for any member to post names of an off sight sender.
The purpose is to to let the Writing.Com members be aware that there is a way to feel in control.

Please do not list *Down* in the message forum Writing.Com members as names but however you can contact Writing.Com Support , or follow these guidelines below. Okay, moving on.

Please read these guidelines *Down* before posting in the message forum.

When you receive an email that seems questionable do not open the email.
An outside user is anyone that sends an email in your writing.com account that does not have a writing.com by their name or suitcase in your email provided by Writing.com.

Be aware that you can receive emails but Writing.Com can not control once you have read or open your inbox.


*ButtonB* Don't open emails with questionable subjects. But if you do you can still report it or you may email me for any question regarding the email.

These links listed below and provided are ways that you can post a message and member, moderator, or Writing.Com staff that will respond to you as soon as possible.

"Technical Support Forum or "Writing.Com General Discussion

*ButtonB* This link is more related navigation here but there is always a moderator or member who can answer your question. The best part of this feature there is no delay response and within a day period. *Right* "Writing.Com General Discussion

*ButtonB* The second link gives you access to where you can report the sender email address if the sender has been sending you more than one email with explicit messages or subject. This link can be used to tell "Writing.Com 101 the sender within writing.com website or outside source email addresses and user's nature of the email. If you click through subtitles to look under each highlighted it can be easily accessible The StoryMistress
Writing.Com 101  (E)
Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
#101 by The StoryMistress

*ButtonB* Talk to a moderator. It will ease tension and the moderators are here to make all members feel welcomed and secured. Moderators are the members in the blue or purple suitcases.

*ButtonB* Keep it brief when posting in the message forum in "Technical Support Forum or "Writing.Com General Discussion Expect an answer within a 1 to 3 business days with either links. Be aware not to post anyone within the sight user id or name but you can however find links within "Writing.Com 101 to file a harassment. You may list their name, but be advised. Read the page before submitting claim.

*ButtonB* There is a faster way to get in the above links. Move cursor Left *Left* of your page and look where it saids Writing Resources. You can move your cursor down to these links and find easier access to where you notify and get a response.

*ButtonB* Feel free to email me with any question TinaMarie click the envelope beside my user name. This will let you send an email. No question is too dumb. I am here to help you anytime.

Reminder: Do not post a question or post a member from writing.com user id on here. Please send me an email TinaMarie instead.

Please do not use this forum as a place where any profanity or derogative comments about another member. You may post a question, comment, or the outside user id here in the post. I have listed two outside users as an example*Down*


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