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A raffle to help save the Pretty Pesky Prompts Writing Contest
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Hello friends and fellow writers! I need your help! I have been away from WdC for a few months due to personal issues and when I returned, my partner in crime for Pretty Pesky Prompts had gone on a hiatus and took all of my contest money with her!


*News* Here's a link to the contest! Read all about it! *News*

Pretty Pesky Prompts   (E)
Closed until December! Contest to push you to your limit and beyond with strange prompts
#2105059 by Pesky Amanda A.K.A. LadyNazlia

I have decided to create a raffle to try to save the contest!

*Lightning*Each raffle ticket is 500GPs
*Lightning*For every 50 tickets sold, I will roll a virtual die for a merit badge to be decided by the judge!
*Lightning*On December 31st at midnight WDC time, I will roll a virtual die to decide the winner of the grand prize!

PPP contest Raffle image

*RibbonB* Grand Prize:
*Lightning2*Awardicon worth 25,000 GPs
One lucky winner will also receive:
*Lightning2*Five Review Credit on the Items of Your Choice

Tickets purchased: