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Have you entered previous contests that you didn't win? Do you feel cheated? Step inside.
Banner for my Second Time Around Contest.

A massive thank you to IceSkating SugarCube , Lilli ☕ , and bobturn for the fabulous ribbons that grace this page!
Thanks to A E Willcox for the beautiful banner.

Signature for Honorable Mentions in 2018 Quill Awards

We all have those poems and stories we feel really deserved to win contests but didn't. Well, step inside for a contest that gives your items a second chance.

In the Second Time Around Contest, we are slightly different to most of the others. Whereas, usually, you are asked for new writing only, in this contest we want old writing only. You must have already entered it into a Writing.com contest. The item must not have placed.

If you want to revise your items before you submit them, that's fine. We're all about producing the best writing possible. You don't have to revise them, though. You can enter them exactly as they were in the previous contest.

Rule Book Image for Second Time Around Contest.

Just a few rules ...

*StarV* Read the rules! Very important.
*StarV* Your entry must have been previously entered into a contest it did not place. You must note which contest at the top of your item. For purposes of this contest, Honourable Mentions don’t count as placing, so you may enter them.
*Starv* Awarded items are acceptable, as long as you state the contest they did not win.
*StarV* Short stories and poetry accepted.
*Starv* Everyone may enter one item in each category, so two items in total.
*Starv* Short stories maximum word count is 3,000. Poetry maximum line count is 60. These must be included on the item.
*StarV* Any genre stories and poetry, up to a maximum of 18+. Items must be rated correctly. For poetry, please note the form on the item.
*Starv* No pornography. This will not be accepted.
*StarV* Entries must be viewable. Nothing set to private or needing a passkey.
*Starv* Editing is allowed up until the close date of the round.
*Starv* Entries must either be in the B-item format {bitem:xxxxxxx} or entry format {entry:xxxxxxx}

The contest will run from the 15th of every month to midnight on the 14th of the following month.


Permanent Judge - Choconut


Image for Second Time Around Contest.

Prizes are as follows and apply to both categories, so it is possible to win two 50K Awardicons and merit badges if you enter an item in each category:

1st Place ~ 50K Awardicon, Second Time Around MB
2nd Place ~ 25K Awardicon, related MB
3rd Place ~ 10K Awardicon, related MB
Up to three Honourable Mentions may be awarded in each category at the judge’s discretion - prize for each is a 10K Awardicon

There is also a Grand Prize of a 100K Awardicon plus a Second Time Around merit badge. This prize will go to grandest of all the entries. It will be instead of winning 1st Place in either category.

For all prizes to be awarded, there must be a minimum of ten entries.
If nine entries or fewer, only 1st and 2nd places will be awarded.
For five or fewer, only 1st place will receive a prize.

This contest is often featured in
The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join our challenge by entering a contest at least 12 out of 13 months. Win Badges!
#2109126 by Schnujo
. Have you taken a look at this activity? Oodles of prizes for writing something every month!

Round 11 Entries

Short Story Entries

1. "The Gate of Golphameth"   by A E Willcox
2. "Hanging in There"   by Solace.Bring

Poetry Entries

1. "Shatter"   by Beholden


Short Stories

1st Place ~
Extinction Event  (13+)
Science Fiction Short Story contest entry
#2193359 by jhub

2nd Place ~
She Came Back  (E)
A young woman returns to a place of summer memories
#2192529 by Sand Castles Shopgirl 739


1st Place ~ "⭐ The Soft Things by § Roseille ♥

2nd Place ~
The Aluminum Steed  (ASR)
Written for the Taboo Words contest
#2190862 by IceSkating SugarCube


The Emigrant  (18+)
Mark only has twenty-four hours to put his affairs in order - written for What A Character
#2190403 by Robert Edward Baker


We are always grateful for donations. They help us to award all prizes. If you wish to donate, please either post in this forum, or send it to

Second Time Around Group  (E)
Bank to hold funds for 'Second Time Around Contest'
#2164963 by Choconut


Azrael Tseng ~ *HeartV* MB Sent
Shaye Lorraine ~ *HeartG* MB Sent
Pesky Amanda is away for now. ~ *HeartV* MB Sent
Queen Kissy ~ *HeartG* MB Sent
Elle ~ *HeartV* MB Sent
Sally ~ *HeartG* MB Sent
Tiggy ~ *Heartv* MB Sent
LJ-Catching Moonbeams ~ *HeartG* MB Sent
Pimpernel ~ *Heartv* MB Sent
Lilli ☕ ~ *HeartG* MB Sent
Nixie ~ *Heartv* MB Sent
celticsea ~ *HeartG*
Detective ~ *Heartv*
Space Cat Sophie ~ *Heartg*
Thankful and Inked Jess ~ *Heartv* MB Sent
Beacon44-⚓️🧩 ~ *HeartG*
Lilli ☕ ~ *Heartv* MB Sent
Nixie ~ *Heartg* MB Sent
Tiggy ~ *Heartv* MB Sent
Ŵeb☆Ŵiɫch August Sizzles ~ *Heartg* MB Sent
Cubby ~ *Heartv* MB Sent
🌜 Huntersmoon ~ *HeartG* MB Sent
Carol St. Ann 🚁 ~ *Heartv* MB Sent
Solace.Bring *Heartg*
OOT™ ~ *Heartv* MB Sent
🎼 RRodgersWrites 🎶 ~ *Heartg* MB Sent
Bubblegum Jones ~ *Heartv* MB Sent
Pimpernel ~ *HeartG*
Angus ~ *Heartv* MB Sent
Hannah ♫♥♫ ~ *Heartg* MB Sent
innerlight is healing ~ *Heartv* MB Sent
Carol St. Ann 🚁 ~ *Heartg* MB Sent
Queen Kissy ~ *Heartv* MB Sent
LynnPenCakes ~ *Heartg*

Any donations of 40K or more will receive a community MB of our choice.
Donations of 100K or more will receive my exclusive Second Time Around Contest MB

Merit Badge in Second Time Around Contest
[Click For More Info]

Dear Jody,

As promised, here is the first of my new Second Time Around merit badges.

Thank you so much for paying for this. I’m so excited about it!

Rachel *^*Heartv*^*

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