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In honor of the Sweethearts conversation hearts being unavailable, get your hearts here!
Did you hear? Our favorite Valentine's day candy is unavailable for 2019 due to a re-branding. Learn more here: America's Favorite Candy Unavailable 2019  

Never fear, we've got you covered with this fun event. Get your conversation hearts here!

51.4% complete

Goal = 1 million GPS
Bids To Date: 364,600

Donations: 150,000
Total: 514,000

Accepting Package Donations: 2/20 - 2/28/19
Accepting Bids: 3/1 - 3/14/2019
(Keep your eyes peeled for details about my Shamrock fundraiser on 3/17!)

These groups are near and dear to my heart, and they should be to yours too! If you're not a member, please consider joining today!

Free Reviews or MB for Donations (Your Choice)!

*HeartP* For anyone who donates 20,000 GPs or more, you'll receive a free in-depth review from me of the item of your choice.

*HeartP* At 30,000+ GPs, I'll throw in a merit badge of either your choice or mine (but will attempt to make sure it's on you don't have or have few of).

*HeartB* Send GPs and then email Charity Marie-Is Moving! the bitem link to your item for review.

*HeartT* 3,000 words or less items please unless...

*HeartV* For a novel or large work, send 100,000+ GPs or more. Please allow up to 30 days for novel reviews.

Auction Items

Each item has been prepared with great love and care, just for you. And it's easy, just bid higher than the current bid - highest bid wins at the end of the activity.


Angel | Sweethearts Galore
Heart Contains: 3 in-depth reviews for works up to 2K each and a Merit badge by Charity Marie-Is Moving!
Current Bid:12,000
Current High Bid Holder:OOT™

Luv Me for sweethearts galore
Heart Contains: 5 short story reviews, an awardicon to my favorite of the 5, a general Merit Badge & 5K in tickets to a current raffle. *Heart* by OOT™
Current Bid: 26,000
Current High Bid Holder: IceSkating SugarCube

Smile Image for Sweethearts
Heart Contains:A regular Merit Badge you may not have yet for you and one for a friend.
On behalf of "The Rockin' Reviewers
Current Bid:15,000
Current High Bid Holder: Queen Kissy Mourns

Love Bug image
Bite Me
Heart contains:
🧐 3 - 2000 plus word reviews (no restrictions on ratings)
*Ribbon* An Awardicon for my favorite
*Badge* A genre related MB
From: 🌙 HuntersMoon
Current Bid:26,500
Current High Bid Holder:J.L. O'Dell

Miss U image
Heart Contains:A Community Merit Badge, winner's choice, A review of the story or short story of my choosing
and a 25K Awardicon
From: Chief Coffee Elf, Lilli
Current Bid: 31,000
Current High Bid Holder: Choconut Yule Log

Me and U Image
Heart Contains: 5 indepth reviews of up to 2K each, an awardicon, an exclusive Insomniac Asylum trinket, and a merit badge from IceSkating SugarCube
Current Bid:26,000

Current High Bid Holder:Charity Marie-Is Moving!

Time 2 Dance Image
1 From My Heart To Yours MB
1 Monthly Reading Challenge MB
1 Minja MB
from Dominique
Current Bid: 70,000
Current High Bid Holder:OOT™

Soul Mate Image
2 images for you and 2 for a friend from Dragon’s jingling bells
Current Bid: 10,000
Current High Bid Holder: Queen Kissy Mourns

Dream Big for Sweethearts Galore
25K awardicon
Non-exclusive merit badge
from Char 🌈
Current Bid: 27,100
Current High Bid Holder: somik

Luv Me for sweethearts galore
1 Coffee Cream from"Rach's Chocolate Emporium" (Contains a Community MB & 10K Awardicon worth 30K!)
2x reviews of short stories under 2000 words
1000 GP's
from J.L. O'Dell
Current Bid: 10,000
Current High Bid Holder:OOT™

Miss U image
Reviewing with River Merit Badge
From River the Jolly Jingler
Current Bid: 50,000
Current High Bid Holder: Queen Kissy Mourns

Puppy Love Image
Merit badges x 6, one of which includes Later Gator badge OR 50k awardicon. Winners Choice
From Jaynelf the Reindeer Caretaker
Current Bid: 51,000
Current High Bid Holder:Choconut Yule Log

Friend Me Image
A heart of gold merit badge for you and one for a friend
from Elle
Current Bid: 10,000
Current High Bid Holder: J.L. O'Dell

Special Thanks to These Kind Supporters. I *Heart* You All!

🦄🏳️‍🌈Sapph for donating GPs for artwork and supporting the event
Jaynelf the Reindeer Caretaker for advising me on doing a fundraiser
Brooke - 15 years? for advice and support
Char 🌈 for generous GPs, advice, and support
Dragon’s jingling bells for the art
Thanks to all the package donators and those who've helped me share the word!
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by Queen Kissy Mourns · 04-03-19 @ 6:38 pm
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by J.L. O'Dell · 03-21-19 @ 1:48 pm
by J.L. O'Dell · 03-21-19 @ 1:45 pm
by Chief Coffee Elf, Lilli · 03-19-19 @ 9:54 am
by Jaynelf the Reindeer Caretaker · 03-17-19 @ 7:59 pm
by OOT™ · 03-17-19 @ 12:21 pm
by Queen Kissy Mourns · 03-17-19 @ 10:12 am
by ~Minja~ · 03-17-19 @ 6:15 am
by Charity Marie-Is Moving! · 03-17-19 @ 10:16 am
by J.L. O'Dell · 03-16-19 @ 8:09 pm

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