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You know, like a pop-quiz only with prizes and more fun!

Welcome to the Pop-Poetry Contest!

A random contest with no set schedule.
It just *pops* up from time to time!

Featured in
"The Contest Challenge"   by Schnujo
this month, June 2020!
Thank you, Jody!

The Prompt:

Use these three words in your poem:
spring, repair, threaten

Required Line Count for this round:
minimum of 15 lines, maximum of 30 lines

Make sure the required words are either in bold or a different color

Include line count and form used at the end of your work.

The Rules:

*Bulletr* 1 entry per person
*Bulletr* Your poem must follow the prompt exactly.
*Bulletr* Your poem must be newly written for this contest
*Bulletr* Your poem may be any form you like, please indicate the form at the end
*Bulletr* Post your entry below in either {bitem:######} or {entry:#####} format.
*Bulletr* Your poem may be written in any genre: romance, horror, whatever!

The Prizes:

First Prize: A 10K Awardicon and an MB
Second Prize: A 10K Awardicon

(there must be a minimum of 5 entries for 1st place to be awarded
and at least 9 entries for both prizes to be awarded)

The Deadline:

Deadline to enter: Sunday, June 14th, midnight, EST

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June 2020

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