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Animals and creatures galore: Vote a name! Winning title will be used.
I've always wanted to host a contest but never felt like I had the time to do so. So if I fall behind one month I will skip a month to catch up. Everything else applies otherwise. Reviews might not always happen but will try my best.

Name this contest!

Part one: Come up with a name for this contest. It must be E rated. Since it's 2021 I'm closing Part A and moving forward with Part B. Suggested names so far:

Part two: Vote on a name! The top three five (since I'm seeing wonderful names) will be shown below. There will be a time limit of at least three weeks. I will keep tally through my updates. The winning name will receive an MB and the rest will get GPs for participating now that I've decided on a prize. Even if I don't respond right away January is open for voting. If there's a tie for first Part two will continue for tie breaker.

*Star*Creature Features by dragonwoman *Checkb*
*Star*Realistical or Fantastical Critter Tales by ruwth *Checkb*
*Star*Wild and wonderful World of Animals by SilverMoon-DD
*Star*The Tame, the Wild and the Cuddly by Richard ~ Darn "Minkeys"
*Star*Fangs and Fluff Contest by Jolansells Candy Whale Blubber *Checkb*

I'm thinking of animals and creatures. Sure, Sci-Fi and Mythology would have creatures too so those could be considered. Since the focus of the prompts would be about animals and creatures I have respectively chosen Animal and Fantasy for the genre, but any genre will be accepted as long as guidelines are followed. No erotica allowed.


1. Pick a prompt to write your prose, short story, or poem.

2. Deadline lands on 11:59 p.m. of the last day of the month. New round will start by the 5th of the month.

3. I will accept a prose (500 words or less), short story (600 words to 2,500 words), or a poem (40 lines or less).

4. Please include word count or line count somewhere.

5. Old or new accepted. If it has an awardicon it'll be okay too- items with awardicons are disqualified from winning an awardicon.

6. Use a form of bitem (item) or entry (book) using {bitem:#####} or {entry:#####}. If you lack space you may post in the forum directly. Entries posted in the forum are disqualified from receiving an awardicon.

7. Entry fee of 1,000 GPs per qualified entry.

8. This forum is 13+ only. I will allow 18+ entries if it is a link to the prose/story/poem.

9. Editing allowed up to the deadline. Edits afterward may become disqualified.

Round: 1


1. What kind of creature attracts your attention?
2. It's a New Year for ______ and it's beginning to look a lot like?
3. This can fall under nonfiction as well: Favorite animal.
4. This can fall under nonfiction as well: Which animal do you prefer?

Winner of Round -999:
*Checkgr*"Furbaby MB pending for CR.

Fee split: 50% to prizes, 50% to "Exclusive MBs and Membership Savings.

Any rounds with two entries or less will have an entry fee refunded- exceptions at the judge's discretion. It takes three to five entries for 1st place to happen. Five to eight entries for 1st place and 2nd place to happen. Nine entries or more for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place to happen.


1st place: 15% of the pot.
2nd place: 10% of the pot.
3rd place: 5% of the pot.

Honorable mentions at the discretion of the judge. (Out of the 20% allowance.)

Donation pot: 52,041 GPs

Any suggestions, comments, or questions will be accepted and allowed to post. I'd love to hear from you! Please tag me or the judge for quicker response.

Judges welcomed! Let me know if you want to become a judge. Due to variety, more than one judge can be approved in one round.


Donations will be listed here:

Not decided yet but 40k or above may get an MB you don't have. Repeats can happen.
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