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What are YOU listening to?
Mic and phones

In these days of COVID-19 a/k/a the Coronavirus, many of us are in quarantine and/or isolation.

Getting through that quarantine/isolation is not easy, and it can feel a bit lonely, so a lot of us are leaning on outside media, most notably podcasts, to fill time, to hear a voice from the outside world.

Thing is: there are THOUSANDS of podcasts out there!

So, what are YOU listening to to get you through this mess?

In the forum below, list the podcast(s) you're listening to, give a brief description of said podcast(s), tell everyone what you think the rating for said podcast(s) should be (Example: I listen to The Last Podcast on the Left, and that would be XGC in my book).

Maybe you're podcast-curious, but haven't tested the waters yet, and don't know how to get started (that's my sister - even though she's an Apple girl). Maybe you listen to podcasts all the time, but never knew THAT ONE was out there (that's me - Android/Spotify, baby!)!

Some of you might be stress-listening, in an effort to calm yourself down - I'm doing that A LOT, actually.

Your podcast(s) can pertain to anything! Whatever comforts you! Music, movies, history, sports, writing, screenwriting, comedy, drama, politics, cultural, true crime, fiction, non-fiction - ANYTHING.

Talk! Interact! Converse! Compare notes!

This isn't a contest.

In other words, there's no money (or GPs) in it for you. It's geared more toward the greater WDC community as a resource for people who enjoy podcasts and who want to talk to their WDC neighbors and support them through this ongoing crisis.


This forum is ASR, abide by those rules.

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by Elycia Lee ☮ Novel-Writing · 03-31-20 @ 12:08 pm
by Jellyfish~Locked Down! · 03-30-20 @ 4:24 pm
by Not Suki · 03-27-20 @ 11:14 pm
by warpedsanity · 03-27-20 @ 10:55 pm
by Not Suki · 03-27-20 @ 10:49 pm
by warpedsanity · 03-27-20 @ 10:38 pm
by Not Suki · 03-27-20 @ 10:29 pm
by Not Suki · 03-27-20 @ 10:17 pm
by warpedsanity · 03-27-20 @ 10:03 pm
by LizCo252 · 03-27-20 @ 9:52 pm
by Nikola · 03-27-20 @ 8:39 pm
by Jellyfish~Locked Down! · 03-27-20 @ 5:05 pm
by LizCo252 · 03-25-20 @ 9:25 pm

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