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A Race to Victory means a race to our fundraising goal!
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Welcome to the WDC Motor Speedway Race & Raffle

Below, you will find several teams and you will see a Winners Package listed beside it. Each person who joins the Pit Crew of that team will have not one, but two chances to win the entire package IF their team wins! Each and every person who buys at least ONE raffle ticket will receive an exclusive Motor Speedway Trinket commemorative of this event!

How do you join a team's Pit Crew? You purchase a tank of gas to help fuel your team to the finish line. Just like gasoline we buy in the real world, there are three levels of Octane you can purchase.

*Fire**Fire**Fire* Burn Rubber Baby! Blaze a trail to victory with this hot deal. Cost is 2,000 gps but you get three raffle slots & your car's team gets moved three spaces.

*Tornado**Tornado* Makes the driver drive like the devil himself is on his tail! Cost is 1,000gps but you get two raffle slots & your car's team moves twice.

*Wind* Slow and steady has won many victories. Cost is 500gps. You'll get one raffle slot and your team's car will advance one space.

*FlagSt* The Race! *FlagSt*

There will be a grand total of 5 races. A short, starter race to get your juices flowing and to get a quick victory so we can hurry up and have the first of the end race drawing for the winning team! There will be two intermediate races in between two Super Speedway races. At the end of each race, the winning team will have their raffle drawing!

Race One - Richmond Raceway - the fast, starter track! To win, your team's car must be the first to advance 75 spaces. That means, your pit crew must have a total of 75 fires, tornados or winds.

Race Two - Kentucky Speedway - An intermediate race track only requiring 125 spaces of advancement for the Victory! Any combination of fire, tornados, or winds that total up to 125.

Race Three - Indianapolis Motor Speedway - A Super Speedway, requiring a professional level of skills and endurance to finish. Only the fast, the strong, and the brave finish first! Your team's car will need to advance a total of 250 spaces.

Race Four - Chicagoland Speedway - Another intermediate speedway, slowing things down just a bit. For this race, the winning car only needs to advance 175 spaces.

Race Five - Talladega Super Speedway - Yes, for the Final race, we find ourselves at the Epic Super Speedway! Once again, it takes professionals of the highest elite to rattle this giant's cage and advance their team's car 400 spaces.

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*CarG* Meet Your Teams! *CarO*

*Car* Trampling Typest Trampling Typest WINS the Race!!
Race Two PitCrew Members, 1-32Mike,33-35 Tigger *Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire**Tornado**Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Wind* *Wind**Wind**Wind**Wind**Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire**Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Tornado* *Tornado*

*CarV* Purple Passion PitCrew Members, 1-20 sky1, 21 miranda, 22-52 purplesunday, 53-55Tiger, START OF SECOND RACE! *Wind**Wind**Wind**Wind**Wind**Wind* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Wind*

*CarB* Waltzing Writer PitCrew Members, 1-20 sky1, 21 miranda, 22-32 Anon1, 33-63 Anon1, 64-66Tigger, START SECOND RACE *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Wind*

*CarBr* Mystical Mystery PitCrew Members, 1-20 sky1, 21 miranda, 22-32 Anon2, 33-63 Anon 2 64-66Tigger START SECOND RACE *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Wind*

*CarG* Bumblin BumbleBee PitCrew Members, 1-20 sky1, 21 miranda, 22-32Anon3, 33-63 Anon3, 64-66Tigger, START SECOND RACE *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Wind*

*CarO* Snake Pit PitCrew Members, 1-20 sky1, 21 miranda 22-36Chibithulu, 37-51 Anon5, 52-54 Tigger, 55-61 Miranda START SECOND RACE *Fire* *Fire* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Wind**Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire*

*CarGr* Pouncing Prose PitCrew Members, 1-20 sky1, 21 miranda, 22-32 Anon4 33-63 Anon 4, 64-70 "Anono1, 71-73Tigger START SECOND RACE *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Fire* *Wind**Wind**Wind**Wind**Wind**Wind**Wind* *Tornado* *Tornado* *Wind*

*Badge* *Badge4* Winner's Packages *Badge2* *Badge*

*FlagSt* Each winner's package will include an assortment of Merit Badges, Gift certificates to WDC community-owned Member's Shops, specialized reviews, c-notes, raffle tickets that support other raffles on WDC, free classes taught here on WDC by some of its community members, and of course a few surprises thrown in as well!

*FlagSt* No winning package will be exactly the same! Before each drawing, I will announce what is in the Winner's Package for that particular drawing.

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