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52 weeks + 52 prompts = 52 poems
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Join the challenge!

Deadline to Sign-up: Friday, May 29th, 2020
Signups are CLOSED

Here's the scoop...

Each week, on Monday, I will give you a prompt.
Sometimes the prompt will be an image, other times it will be words or phrases.
Each weekly prompt may come with additional rules but you will always be free to use any poetry form you like, providing the form can comply with the prompt rules.

You may create a book or folder item for this activity if you wish. You may also use an existing book or folder item. Given the number of items that you will end up creating, or that you will be creating a book, unfortunately, members with a free account are not eligible for participation.

Ratings are accepted up to and including XGC - but please no fetish stuff, no forbidden fruit, and please keep all participants of legal age.

*ExclaimB* This is an activity, a challenge, but not a contest. No one's poems will be judged.

Once you have written your poem, please post a link to your poem in the forum below. Since this is an activity, you can catch up on previous weeks that you have missed, just make sure that you state in your forum post what week it is for.

You may enter your poem into any WDC contest providing it fits any prompt/line requirements and/or any other rules of that contest.

Start Date: Monday, June 1, 2020
End Date: May 28th, 2021

"What's in it for me?"

Besides the fun and challenge of it, it's up to you! The more you donate to the activity, the better your reward at the end of it.

If you want to get a 50K banner on your book/folder, then you need to donate 50K GPs throughout the running of this activity.

If you want to get a 125K star on your book/folder, then you need to donate 125K GPs throughout the running of this activity.

If you want to get a 500K trophy on your book/folder, then you need to donate 500K GPs throughout the running of this activity.

Your reward will always add up to however much you donate. If the amount you donate does not exactly match an Awardicon, then you will receive an Awardicon of the closest possible value, plus any remaining GPs will be used to award any other prizes I deem appropriate (such as Merit Badges, a second Awardicon), or I may purchase a package from a member shop for you.

If you choose not to make a donation toward your awardicon, that is entirely up to you. I will guarantee that you will receive a 10K ribbon on your book/folder for your participation.

You may make your donations throughout the duration of the challenge.

Prizes will be sent out at the end of the activity.

*ExclaimR* Please note: In order to receive your Awardicon, you must complete at least 40 weeks of the challenge by the last day of the activity. If you decide to quit or drop out, your GPs will be considered a donation and used appropriately (i.e. coffee and snacks).

Participant Donations:
You may make your donations directly to the activity bank: {item:2222202}, or in a new post in this forum.
Either way, I will be notified and log your amounts.

Non-Participant Donations:
Likewise, donations may be made here in the forum or sent directly to our bank: {item:2222202}.
Donations will go toward participant awards and are greatly appreciated.
Non-participant donations of 50K will receive a community MB.

*ExclaimB* List of Participants & their books/folders:

*ExclaimB* Helpful Poetry References

PPC Shortcuts:
"Promptly Poetry Challenge Stuff
"PPC Group and Bank
"PPC Participant Progress Log
"PPC Mini-Challenges Log

Links to Weekly Prompts
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