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Open to all members. Can you write 500 words about Indigenous Peoples Day? Round end 10/31

What do you get when you cross the Latin words Verus (true) & Fabula (story)?
The great genre Verfabula! Also called Narrative Journalism, Creative Nonfiction, or Literary Nonfiction, Verfabula uses literary styles and techniques to create factually accurate narratives. It contrasts with other nonfiction, such as academic or technical writing or journalism, which is also rooted in accurate facts but is not written to entertain based on prose style. Most people have come across this genre without realizing it. A good example is Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Imagine how stale that book would have been if she hadn't infused it with her literary magic dust! I know you didn't come here for a literature lesson, so here's the goods-

As a nod to my Cherokee ancestors, this month's prompt is Indigenous Peoples Day.
(It may be a federal holiday, but Columbus Day has never been recognized by the state of Texas.)
So, use your fancy writing tricks and pen something to engage me. It can be a short story, an article, an essay- just make sure to follow the guidelines.

Each writer that enters will be rewarded for their effort with gift points.
If there are at least 3 entries a First place prize of an awardicon will be awarded.
If there are at least 5 entries, First & Second place prizes will be awarded.
If there are 10 or more entries, First, Second, & Third place prizes will be awarded.
Honorable Mentions are at the discretion of the judge.
Winner announced on 7th of next month.

This contest will be judged by me. Although, if anyone would like to be a co-judge or guest judge, please email me. I will be looking at an overall balance of creativity & information
as well as spelling & word choice, and my own emotional response to the piece.

*Gemv* As long as it's related to the prompt, you can submit any genre. *Gemv*
*Gemv* One entry per writer per round. *Gemv*
*Gemv* Deadline is 11:59PM WDC time on the last day of the month. *Gemv*
*Gemv* Ratings up to GC accepted. *Gemv*
*Gemv* Entries should be in {bitem:####### } or book {entry:####### } *Gemv*
*Gemv* No editing after entry has been submitted. *Gemv*
*Gemv* Your entry should be between 500 and 750 words. *Gemv*
*Gemv* Previously awarded items are not allowed. *Gemv*

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