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A fundraiser for everyone and everything!
Have you ever come across a contest or an activity which sounded really cool and could use a boost? Or just anything you found interesting, and wanted to donate or contribute to, but for some reason, couldn't? This is a fundraiser for any activity that I find interesting or needs a donation or both! And I could really use your help!

How it works:

*HeartV*Every month, 2 activities/contests will be chosen and funds will be raised for them.

*HeartV* The fundraiser will run from the 15th of the current month to the 15th of the next month.

*HeartV*There are 2 parts to this fundraiser: the raffle, and the Merit Badges and Awardicons shop. Your participation in both is greatly appreciated!

*HeartV*The raffle tickets are 500 GPs each. (You can gift them anonymously by sending me a mail with the GPs attached)

*HeartV*As for the shop, the offers are listed below. (CRs guaranteed) (You can gift them anonymously by sending me a mail with the GPs attached) You can buy from the shop in bulk too. Just let me know what you want and attach the total GPs to the item.

*HeartV*At the end of the raffle, 30% of the net pot will go will go each activity/contest, another 30% to the raffle's winner, along with a MB or a 10K awardicon on any item of their choice and 10% to "Universal fundraiser bank.

*HeartV*The 40% of the net pot collected from the shop will go each activity/contest, and 20% to "Universal fundraiser bank.

*Heartv* The funds collected by the "Universal fundraiser bank will be used for providing the MBs won by the raffle winners, commissioning MBs for this fundraiser and upgrading my membership.


Contests for October:

Verfabula: A Creative Nonfiction Contest  (ASR)
Open to all members. Can you write 500 words about Indigenous Peoples Day? Round end 10/31
#2234698 by ɐʇsıɹ⋊ uǝǝuΌ soɐɥƆ

A Contest Inspired by the Old Pulp Fiction Covers of Weird Tales Magazine
#2083492 by Fly On The Wall

Check them out!

The Raffle!

Tickets for 500 GPs each.

The Shop!

Merit Badges!

1) Just a MB, please! (15,000 GP for any community badge.)

MBs sold


Awardicon #1 (20,000 GPs for a 10K awardicon or ribbon.)

Awardicon #2 (35,000 GPs for a 25K awardicon)

Awardicon #3 (70,000 GPs for a 50K awardicon)

Awardicon #4 (95,000 GPs for a 75K awardicon)

Awardicon #5 (130,000 GPs for a 100K shield)

Awardicon #6 (150,000 GPs for a 125K star)

Awardicon #7 (250,000 GPs for a 200K plaque)

Awardicon #8 (600,000 GPs for a 500K trophy)

Awardicons sold!

Our Amazing donors!

Don't see anything you like? Take a look at
Rach's Chocolate Emporium   (13+)
A place to purchase reviews, merit badges, and awardicons. We also sell yummy chocolate.
#2155763 by Chocghostnut ~ Hufflepuffing!
I also run a fundraiser for
RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group  (E)
RAOK (Random Acts Of Kindness) helps members by Upgrading them.
#398524 by Writing.Com Support
which is
The RAOK Raffle!   (E)
Welcome to the RAOK raffle!
#2209671 by Xiea's brewing pure spook!
and would greatly appreciate if you stop by this too!
Thank you!
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