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Celebrate a teenager today!
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National Teenager Day!

No question about it, they can be an exasperating handful at times, and who could blame them? Do you really know what a teenager faces these days? Even if it hasn't been that long since you, yourself as a teen, things have dramatically changed and teens today face mind-blowing obsticles. I think, in their shoes, we'd be rolling our eyes, slamming doors, and be emotional time bombs too!

That said, despite it all, there are some AMAZING, world-changing, bar-setting, record-breaking teens out there. Do you have a teenager in your life? Now is your chance to spotlight them. Brag on them. Tell us all the amazing things that your teen shares with the world. You don't have to be a proud parent! You can be an Auntie, Uncle, Grandparent, Pastor, Teacher, or even just a FRIEND of a teenager!

We even have a dazzling cast of teenagers right here in the WDC community! They are constantly enhancing the site with their vivacious, creative minds and I know several who are always willing to jump in and help whenever the opportunity presents it'sself.

Let's celebrate our teens this whole day week!

You may choose one or more of the challenges to complete! You will automatically receive a community merit badge for participating.

*PoseyO* Challenge One: Write a poem about teenagers or more specifically, the teenager in your life. Can be ANY style, just keep it 15 lines or less.

*FlowerR* Challenge Two - Write an essay about the special teenager in your life. What makes them so special? Keep it 500 words or less.

*Right* BOTH challenge entries are DUE by Midnight March 21st WDC time. Just post your entries below in item or bitem format. *Left*

*HeartT* Prizes! *HeartT*

Each category will have its own prizes. Winners in each category will receive:

*RibbonB* 1st place - 15K gift points, 50K Awardicon (your choice of color) & 5,000 gift certificate to Rachel's Chocolate Emporium
*RibbonG* 2nd place - Community merit badge of your choice, 10k awardicon for your poem, 5 Raffle tickets of your choice

*RibbonO* 3rd place - 5 Raffle tickets of your choice, 1,500 gift certificate to Sharmell's Expressions

Please be sure to collect your Free Teenager Trinket! Just for checking out the challenge!

WATCH THE NEWSFEED THIS WEEK!! There will be games and activities all honoring TEENS this week! You won't want to miss out on the prizes and fun!
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