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An in-depth discussion on the concept and development of a new kind of essay.

The Colloquial Essay

A place to contemplate, to read, make a comment, offer an observation, ask a question, or provide a suggestion

Welcome to our message board. Feel free to post your musings and your comments. It will be necessary to be a member to be able to post on this board, but there are no qualifications or requirements so it's pretty simple. Try to stay on topic and be relevant. Digression is a part of being human and expected but remember this is about the 'essay' and relatable writing aspects.

If posting an item for group consumption, or a review or response to something already posted, be sure to include a link or let me know and I will take care of it. This is supposed to be a 'conversation' as well as an experiment in collaboration. If we never ask, and if we never comment, we lose the opportunity not only to be heard and possibly teach others or inspire contemplation, but we remove the possibility of learning ourselves. I am more than willing to simply share my perspectives on the concepts I have discovered in relation to the essay and writing, but it would be so much more preferable to do so with a unique, thoughtful, and insightful group of like-minded individuals. We will see what happens. Time will tell.

This will probably be a slow process, especially in the beginning. I am unsure exactly how to develop all of this, and it may take awhile to get going. My vision is somewhat indistinct at the moment, and my experience is that while planning is absolutely necessary, things never go exactly to expectations. Be patient. Join in when you feel comfortable. Engagement can only be an incentive to that development. I can only hope that your time here will result in some interesting discoveries about 'self' and 'writing' as you continue along your path.

What we are trying to do here is to initiate and promote a perpetual dialogue on the subject of a specific usage of the informal essay to share perspectives in the understanding of and communication with another individual, our readers. We can discuss anything related, even tangentially, to that end. Enjoyment may be a stretch, but I believe that it can be interesting and beneficial to anyone that wishes to be a writer of words, but especially those who wish to talk with their readers on a more intimate level.

There is no reason to be reluctant to participate. Nothing is off the table. The objective is to learn and grow and become the best writer that we can be, and that means some work, some challenges, some failures, and eventual successes. Writing isn't easy, it can be quite difficult at times, but it is what a writer does, and the best ones embrace the opportunity to try.

All of the longer items, whether essays or reviews or responses will be warehoused on the Group page in what are labeled as 'Libraries' for easy access to the work, provided, of course, that anyone participates. In any case, I will be making additions as often as I am able. I have at least six or eight essays as WIP at the moment, so expect that they will all end up here at some point. I hope you decide to offer some submissions as well.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to be a member of the group. Always looking for perceptive and insightful points of view.

                   You can access the Group with the following link:

The Colloquial Essay  [E]
It's what I do. I would like to reinvent the wheel. I was hoping that you could help.
by Lone Cypress Workshop

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