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sign up sheet for those who wish to enter the competition
Welcome to this year's Epic Battle of the Pens Writing Competition 2021!

Just like last year, there will be 4 rounds in this battle. There will be rewards for each round as well as final winners for the entire competition. Each round lasts ONE WEEK. So, in total, this competition will require you to commit to at least 4 weeks. Each week will run from Saturday to Saturday.

Round One Starts April 10th and goes until Saturday, April 17th.

Round Two starts April 17th and goes until April 24th.

Round Three starts April 24th and goes until May 1st

Round Four starts May 1st through May 8th.

Final scores and winners will be announced Sunday, May 9th.

There will be open sign-ups from March 17th until April 1st. Once sign-ups are closed, no one else can sign up or compete. So, if you are interested in joining the battle, you MUST sign up before the deadline.

THIS year's theme and objectives:

Round One: Create an all-new Super Hero OR Villan or Video Game Character - these should be unique, never-before-seen characters unlike any already out there. What powers or abilities does your character have? You should create a complete character profile of 500-1,000 words.

Round Two: You will create a whole new world for your character. It can be anywhere BUT Earth's LAND. It can be somewhere in space, somewhere in the depths of one of the oceans, or someplace of your own creation! You have 500 - 2,000 words for this challenge.

Round Three: You will introduce your character to their homeland. Let us see and experience it from THEIR viewpoint. Do they like their world or are they at odds with it? Tell about other inhabitants and their interactions with your character. You have 500 - 1,000 words for this round.

Round Four: Your newly created world is threatened by a natural disaster of epic proportions. What will your character do? Will they save the day? Will they profit somehow if the world does get destroyed? Make your character rise and shine, for better or worse. You have 1,000 - 2,000 words for this final round.

*Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* JUDGES *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel* *Gavel*

If you would like to be a JUGE for this competition please EMAIL ME. Judges WILL BE COMPENSATED with a purse of gift points and at least 3 merit badges, if not more. And, I'm pretty sure there are a few surprises in-store as well.

All judges will have to be willing and able to commit to at least 4 weeks of judging. I will need judges for the following categories:

Technical Skills

If you are interested in a specific category please indicate that in your email.
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