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Cheer on your favorite reviewers as we compete for top prize TQJGHSSG
*PenR* *Reading* *PenV* *Reading* Welcome to WDC's Review A-Thon! *PenR* *Reading* *PenV* *Reading*

Participants have ONE WEEK to review as many WDC items as possible while following specific rules.
Participants are:

*Reading* Rhymer Reisen TOTAL REVIEWS: 51
Rhymer's Cheer Squad
*Reading* PiriPica TOTAL REVIEWS:7
Pria's Cheer Squad
*Reading* Richard ~ Just Chillin' TOTAL REVIEWS: 14
Richard's Cheer Squad

Rules & Guidelines Are:

*Books1* They can review items from the portfolio of the same person but CAN NOT review the same item!
*Books3* To qualify, all reviews must be 350 words, not including the greeting or closing.
*Books6* Reviews MUST be specific, detailed, honest, and offer real advice or help if necessary.
*BookStack2* Book reviews CAN be associated with review groups, but also must be associated with the Golden Heart Alliance group.
*Books4* All reviews MUST be posted in this forum below with a link to the review {review: xxxxxx } to be counted.
*Books5* Reviewers may only open ONE post below. To add reviews, please click on your post and choose EDIT.

*RainbowL* EVERYONE in the WDC community is encouraged to cheer their favorite reviewer by purchasing a "cheer" for only 500 gift points! At the end of this event, all members who have purchased cheers will be entered into a special drawing to win a mystery package worth no less than 50,000 gift points! *RainbowR*

For a donation of 10,000 gift points, you can put a Review Request down below *Down* and our Participants will raid your portfolio. Just remember only one review per item in port!

For a donation of 80k or more you will receive our exclusive Golden Heart Alliance merit badges & Trinket.

*FlagG* Members are also encouraged to click on the "Reviewers" link on the left and send a gift point token to the Participants to help encourage them onward as well.


The Participant who completes the MOST reviews will win an awardicon for Champion Reviewer, a gift certificate to one of the many shops here on WDC, and no less than 8 merit badges! WINNER Rhymer Reisen

Second place will win an Awardicon for Tenacious Reviewer and no less than 5 merit badges! WINNER: Richard ~ Just Chillin'

Third place will win an Awardicon for RockStar Reviewer and win 3 merit badges! WINNER: PiriPica

*AsteriskG* There will also be awards given for BEST review given *AsteriskO*
*GemO* Most detailed review given - WINNER: Rhymer Reisen
*GemT* Most helpful review given - WINNER: Richard ~ Just Chillin'
*Gem* Participant who raises the most cheers- WINNER:Rhymer Reisen

Event will ONLY last ONE week! Opens July 11th and closes July 17th at Midnight WDC time. Your support and participation are greatly appreciated.

*AsteriskG* A special THANK YOU, to Fyn , on behalf of the entire Golden Heart Alliance for the beautiful awardicon gracing this event.
*AsteriskB* A Big THANK YOU to Anonymous, on behalf of the Golden Heart Alliance for your generous donation.
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by Tina Stone · 07-12-21 @ 4:01 pm

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