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I have 2 poems that should be books. May they be an inspiration to you.
I am new to creating contests. Therefore any feed back and judges will be welcome. bearbit
I welcome Professional Editors / Writers ... as judges. Remuneration can be discussed.

Create a book, based on 1 or both items below.

Knight's Tirade "A Knights Tirade
Maiden Strong "A Maiden Strong

Contest starts Sept 01,2021 ends Dec 29, 2022


- No word limit.
- Does not need to include inspirational poem in title or body or picture/background of item.
- Previously written works not allowed
- Please use bitem:######
- Pictures and backgrounds are allowed.
- External links to your work are allowed.
- Judges are not allowed to review your work until 30th of December2022. Judges can view your work and progress at anytime but cannot review or recommend. After that date any Judge is allowed to review and recommend any changes to help you get published.
- All rights belong to you as the writer. Publishing anything other than a link/tag to your work presumes non-exclusive rights are freely published in this forum.
- Other than Judges anyone can review your work. Any work reviewed by a Judge before Dec 30th,2022 will disqualify the Judge.
- Judges may change before but not after Sept01, 2022
- Editing is allowed until 29th of December 2022. Judging will begin on the 30th of December 2022
- Final results will be posted 4 months after the 29th of December,2022 because the many reviews will not begin until Dec. 29th, 2022.
- 18+ content allowed but all content must be rated on the first line of post as ................. Everyone (-13 allowed) ASR (adult supervision required) 13+ (over 13 only) 18+ (over 18 only) GC (graphic content 18+) XGC (extreme graphic content 18+)
- NPL (not rated ...) is not allowed.
- Violence, Hate, will be reviewed and removed/hidden if the judges deem it unsuitable to public consumption. Appeal to the judges is allowed after removal. Judges may remove/hide any post for any reason and the appeal decision is Final.

Current Prizes

1st Prize 2000000 pts + Personal review by all Judges + $100 cash
2nd Prize 1000000 pts + Personal review by all Judges + $50 cash
Honorable mention - Personal review by all Judges + $25 cash

I am a simple working man and these prizes are all I can personally afford. Prizes are subject to change on and before Sept01,2021. All Prize amounts will be held by secure accounts as of Dec 30,2021. Details will be posted here Sept01,2021. All rights remain with the writer. Publishing in this forum includes non-exclusive rights to display links and/or any posting on this forum.
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by bearbit  •  07-04-21 @ 9:35 pm

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