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A contest that gives life to inanimate things.
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Welcome to the Personify Writing Contest!
From its name itself, this contest will showcase your prowess in personification.

One simple rule is to make a thing or an object ALIVE. Give it an emotion, an ability to talk, and a feeling to express what it'd been hiding and wanting to tell us human beings. Its emotion may vary according to how you word your piece. It could be depressed, ecstatic, sad, angry, anxious, or even vengeful. You have the liberty to choose its emotion.

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*Pencil* In a static or book item, write something about the Object of the Month. It could be in the form of poetry, rant, a letter/message, or some kind of declamation piece. Imagine yourself to be this object and write your message for us humans.

*Pencil* Use the first person point of view. Make your piece brief with word count not more than 500. Don't forget to add word count within your item.

*Pencil* Properly rate your content base on Writing.com's "Content Rating System (CRS). Entries with 18+ ratings are accepted provided that it doesn't show hints of foul words, cursing, sex and affection with the inanimate object. Keep forum post clean for everyone.

*Pencil* This is a monthly contest which opens every first of the month and closes on every end. The host may or may not review your piece and all submitted pieces can be edited until the closing date. Only one entry per person per month.

*Pencil* We reserve the right to hold prizes if there are not enough entries. All qualifying entries for the current round will be carried over to next. One winner will be awarded if there are only 3-5 entries, two winners for 6-9 entries, and three winners plus honorable mentions if more than 10 entries.

Entries non-compliant to the aforementioned rules are considered non-qualifying. Judges' decision is always final and irrevocable.

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Sample 1
Sample 2

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Suggested by: Solace.Bring

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25K Awardicon
and this Exclusive Merit Badge if there are at least 10 qualified entries:
Merit Badge in PERSONIFY
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Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs

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10K GPs

5K GPs

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While grammar, presentation, and relevance to the topic are considered most relevant part of the judging process, I will also give emphasis on the emotional impact of your piece to the readers.

Judging Criteria:

Relevance to the Topic/prompt
Emotional Impact
Adherence to the Rules

These areas will be rated 1-10 where 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Permanent Judge: GERVIC
Guest Judge: Charity Marie <3 Eyestar Next Round

Please email me if you want to be a guest judge.

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April 2023 Winners:
First Placer
Temptation  (E)
A swing tempts an old person to a last fling of youth. Winner of Personify Writing Contest
#2293632 by Beholden

Second Placer
Tired swing  (ASR)
Tale of a tire swing and its family.
#2294598 by Soldier_🎶_Mike

Third Placer
The Sad Swing  (E)
A simple wish from a simple object. For the Personify contest
#2293324 by Charity Marie <3 Eyestar

Honorable Mention
The Old Swing  (ASR)
personification of an old swing
#2293535 by Blueyez ৎ୭

leaf line divider pngPrevious Round Entries and Winnersleaf line divider png

Personify WC - Prompt, Entries & Winners  (E)
Previous rounds' prompt, qualified entries and winners for Personify Writing Contest.
#2270464 by GERVIC

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This contest is new and in great need of your help with gift point donations to give away prizes. Any amount is welcomed and appreciated.

Please send your gift points donation to [#2268659] "Personify Contest Bank or include it on your forum post.
All donations 20K and above will get a raffle ticket worth 5,000 GPs to any active raffle fundraiser.
Donations reaching 50K get you a MB.
Donations more than 200K will get the soon-to-be commissioned MB. Thank you!

Our Esteemed Donors:

Paul - 100K [Blessings MB sent]
Dergs Gulp & Yani giving boops - 200.5K [Personify MB to send]
Schnujo - 200K [Personify MB sent]
Dave - 50K [MB to send]
OOT™ - 30K [Raffle Tickets purchased]
Penelope Moonbeam - 20K [Raffle Tickets purchased]
dennis23468 - 40K [Raffle Tickets purchased]
Sand Castles Shopgirl 739 - 20K [Raffle Tickets purchased]
Paul - 60K [Angel MB sent]
Nixie - 50K [MB declined]
Solace.Bring - 25K
A special thank you to ♊️GeminiGem💎 for this gorgeous rare gracing the page:

Thank you all so much!!!

*Firework* FEATURED IN: *Firework*
"The Contest Challenge
APRIL 2023

"Healthy Relationships in Drama by Kitti
"On Hosting by spidey
"How Do You Practice Your Faith? by Kitti
"Tired of Your Career? Take Action! by Kitti
"Say...What? by ♊️GeminiGem💎


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