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Our special place to post review requests, and reviews which have been completed.
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Oct 20, 2018 at 12:13pm
Edited: October 31, 2018 at 2:58pm
31 October DWG Challenge Reviews
Review of "A Haunted House"
Invalid Review
Review of "Sugar -- A Tale of the Runoffs(0)"
Review of "Sugar -- A Tale of the Runoffs(1)"
Review of "Learning curve of a basket case"
Review of "The Terror of Bridgewater Triangle"
Review of "Pinky"
Review of "Susan and Pete"
Invalid Review
Review of "The Ghost"
Review of "The Autumn Road"
Review of "It Could Be Her"
Review of "Excerpt from Celestial Dragon"
Review of "Just a Drip"
Review of "Untouchable"
Review of "Infinite"
Review of "The Welcoming"
Review of "Countdown to the Bogeyman - 1 (Updated)"
Review of "Cynthia and Bec Shorts"
Review of "Mammalia"
Invalid Review
Invalid Review
Invalid Review
Invalid Review
Review of "BRYAN"
Review of "Nostalgic "
Invalid Review
Review of "IT'S HALLOWEEN !"
Review of " Neighbor’s Creepy House on the Hill"
Review of "gHOST INn"
Invalid Review

One review shows as Invalid Item, but the Review Number is #4446950

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31 October DWG Challenge Reviews · 10-20-18 12:13pm
by ReadingReindeer Hibernation

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