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Oct 6, 2019 at 1:58am
Copyright Concerns

I want to include some lyrics to a song from the sixties in my story.
What are my legal requirements? I mean, I did not write the song (it was written before I was born, really...so NO WAY did I write it), so I need to know what kind of disclaimer I need to add to the front or the back,of the story when I do like a "credits" page, showing that the lyrics are not mine. The story is a fictional detective story.
And if any published authors or anyone like that, who knows the rules of copyright, if y'all could answer, because I really don't need any armchair lawyering on this one. Thanks in advance.

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Copyright Concerns · 10-06-19 1:58am
by BradJShaw ⚓
Re: Copyright Concerns · 10-06-19 3:32am
by Northernwrites
Re: Copyright Concerns · 10-06-19 7:33am
by Steven
Re: Copyright Concerns · 10-06-19 10:08am
by Zen
Re: Re: Copyright Concerns · 10-06-19 10:27am
by BradJShaw ⚓
Re: Re: Re: Copyright Concerns · 10-06-19 4:05pm
by Northernwrites
Re: Re: Copyright Concerns · 11-30-19 9:43am
by Lucinda Lynx

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