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May 13, 2020 at 10:37am
Re: Re: Advice...(help!)
by KenF
What is your Story Question?

Fill this thing in and that'll congeal your focus


What is your theme?

Example, bullying. being a better person. Sticking to it.

When you know the theme, you can make many examples of it. Mirrors of it.

Per stereotypical advice, your first chapter should hint at theme and story question. If you wasted it telling me how your MC grew up, cut that s*** out. Your MC is on the farm, pining to go to the Academy, but stuck picking out some droids to help on the farm when things go sideways...

After that, what happens next? The hero has a moment to internally process the emotions and then make a plan (called a Sequel) and they go try to do something (a Scene). Lather, rinse, repeat. PS, each time they try to do something, they should probably fail or things get worse anyway until they learn the thing that's been holding them back and then it's time for the climax, victory, and a return home.

The smartest dumb thing you can do is copy Star Wars A New Hope. Except it's Dragons instead of X-Wings (wait, that was Eragon). Learn how that story works by copying it.

Also, for that Theme stuff, watch the 2nd episode of the Mandolorian documentary where Dave Filoni explains how the Theme of Star Wars was about Anakin needing a parent figure and how it ended (in Return) with Anakin becoming the father he never had to save his son.
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