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May 15, 2020 at 1:38am
Edited: May 15, 2020 at 1:51am
Re: Advice...(help!)
by Rbt618
Let's see ... >>> Recently, I was there and began making my own prompts and writing a scene for them.
I started off with the first one, a 250 word minimum.
The second one, 500 word minimum.
My last one was a 1500 word minimum.
It helped to get me going again.

Maybe in your case you could get a photo or drawing, one that is related to your genre. Use that as your prompt
and start writing a scene for that single photo.
I would do three, just like I did above. Then, you might be able to
look back at those scenes and move forward by extracting something useful.

I suspect you need to go back to the planning stage. You need some kind of outline or roadmap for your story.
That way, you know what comes next and how it relates to the last section. You cant just wing it,
and hope for a stoke of genius to give you an idea and write aboutt that, then hope for the next one.
All stories require some planning, as I have come to realize myself.
Then again, I could be wrong !!
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