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May 19, 2020 at 3:13am
Re: Dumb Question - 3rd POV
by Steven
If it is not in 1st person, no you cannot.

"His hubcap flew off as he was driving towards [the bridge]." for example works. If you are not a part of the story, only use "me", "I", "myself", "mine", "we", "our", "ours" etc. in direct speech.

Okay, I am dictating to you and telling you the rules of writing, what you can and cannot do. And if you want to make the narrator a fourth wall breaking presence, that's your call. But if you want to sell your stuff - to a publisher, or as a self-published writer - then this won't work. The reason I mentioned self-publishing is this is the sort of thing that will give a writer a bad name and so the works will be avoided.

The way I see it, to be that experimental you need to have full mastery of the rules before you can break them. I'm not saying you can't break the rules, but you need to know how the rules and be fluent in them before you can break them effectively.
Dumb Question - 3rd POV · 05-19-20 2:15am
by Rbt618
*Star* Re: Dumb Question - 3rd POV · 05-19-20 3:13am
by Steven
Re: Re: Dumb Question - 3rd POV · 05-19-20 6:15am
by Rbt618
Re: Dumb Question - 3rd POV · 05-19-20 3:24am
by Veritas

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