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Jun 28, 2020 at 1:03pm
Re: "Favorites" Pop-up window
The Favorites folders in the pop-up window are always open for me also. They're also always open when viewing Favorites in a regular page or from their tab. I'm not aware of any way to close them, but there wasn't an "option" for choosing that before, when they came up closed, either. As to why the change -- The StoryMaster?

As a workaround on the scrolling, you could bring up the browser find for the pop-up window, and type in the name of the folder you want, or type in contains, and then either click through with the up/down buttons, or use the indicators next to the slider bar to drag the slider to the next one, or to the approximate location of where you're going, assuming you've arranged your folders alphabetically or something similar that makes guesstimating possible.

Any 101 entry that has an entry date before 2015 hasn't been updated for P15 yet. There are roughly a third of them left, and they're all on the list. That's one of them.

Hope that helps.

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"Favorites" Pop-up window · 06-28-20 11:56am
by Satuawany
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by Northernwrites
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by Satuawany
Re: "Favorites" Pop-up window · 06-28-20 2:33pm
by The StoryMaster
Re: Re: "Favorites" Pop-up window · 06-28-20 3:09pm
by Satuawany

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