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A message forum for general discussion. Please come and chat with others!
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Aug 30, 2020 at 7:20am
Re: promise not to bitch
This is "Writing.Com General Discussion which is for chatting. Your post requesting help belongs in "Technical Support Forum.

That said,

Your member info shows:
Premium Member: 09-15-2020
Upgraded Member: 03-15-2022

So for a couple more weeks, in the upper left corner of the left nav menu below where your handle is, it should show Premium Member Expires: 9-15-2020. Then you've got a year and a half of Upgraded after that, so on 9-15 at noon, it'll change to Upgraded Member Expires 3-15-2022.

When you have more than one paid memberships, you can check what all of them are and when they expire in My Account/Account Info.

You don't have anything in your account that needs a Premium.

Note that until 9-15 you will continue to get weekly automatic emails that the Premium is running out. Then they'll stop. Since you have an Upgraded waiting already, you can safely ignore and delete those. The reminder system doesn't check for that.

All membership purchases tell you to log out and log back in to reset your session. In your case, it still shows you as having a Premium because that hasn't run out yet. For you, the log out/log in reset might need to happen at/after noon on 9-15, unless you're offline at that time.

I'm not sure where a charge of $33.54 would have come from. I can't see what you just purchased, but the cost of 6 months of Upgraded is $34.95, and the cost of a year's Upgraded is $49.95, so please check your amount again.

I suggest you check with your bank to see what happened, and then if things are not as they are supposed to be, post in "Technical Support Forum with the details about what was supposed to happen, and what went wrong.

Hope that helps.

*Snow2* *Snow2* *Snow2* Northernwrites___*Pencil*

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