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Oct 12, 2020 at 12:27pm
Re: Self-Publishing Advice
by Vagus
Self-publishing is a good option for a casual release of your book. Or, if you're already a big name brand with a talent for sales, then it can also be rewarding $$$!

My process is thus: I do my own writing (i know, weird), toss at some beta readers, edit, copy and proofread (again, i do these myself because I like having both hands on the wheel) then I outsource the following: Typesetting, cover design, epub conversion and (obviously) distribution.

Previously, I used Lulu's author services, which they no longer offer. A buddy of mine used Amazon's CreateSpace, but again they no longer offer author services. Both were satisfactory in producing a professional product and there are dozens of similar companies who will provide those services for 1500-3000+ USD.

This time around, i am pursuing freelancers (reedsy). I really wanted to take a stab at typesetting myself, but I was talked out of it by all of my friends, family, and readers. But, i mean, some of you might have an eye for it. Watch the adobe InDesign videos on type-setting and decide for yourself. It's art. Epub conversion is optional depending on how you want to sell your book. There are programs that will help, but my understanding is limited. Imma pay money and bam. Cover design is probably the highest stress component because i have zero graphical ability. I'm not an artist. My ideas for the cover are insane, unattractive, boring, and best left in that little padlocked chest deep in my skull. Usually $500-1000 to get a paper-back cover done.

Amazon KDP is a good place for distribution if you just want a print-on-demand capable store for people to purchase copies. Other sites offer global distribution, which lists the book with other retailers. Fees may apply.

Marketing? Ha! That's for the pros.
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