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Oct 13, 2020 at 2:54am
Re: Re: Re: Self-Publishing Advice
Hello Steven,

KDP can be used to create paperbacks as well as Kindle ebooks (Amazon merged CreateSpace into KDP). I don't know what options remain for offering paperbacks to other retailers (this option was available through CreateSpace.)
It also has cover creator tools, and, if publishing exclusively on Amazon and enrolled in KDP select, the author will have access to some tools like countdown deals and free promotional days.

For ebook publishing to all platforms including Kindle (can choose to opt out of any), I use Smashwords. They have an incredibly detailed guide for formatting, which I highly recommend reading before attempting to format a book for either paperback or digital. Once the book is uploaded, it is available in all ebook formats directly from the Smashwords site, or through other ebook sellers.

There are also indie publishers, like NextChapter (formerly Creativia), which house groups of indie authors, editors, cover designers, etc - it's kind of co-op publishing I guess. Authors do give up a little more in royalties, but gain the experience of the pool, and marketing support from fellow authors via social media if their submission is accepted and a contract is signed. These types of publishers should not be confused with vanity publishers, who charge authors ridiculous fees and provide no marketing support to produce sales, and should be avoided at all cost.

I think I uploaded something to Wattpad years ago, but took it down again. I didn't find any value in it whatsoever. Obviously others have. I know there are other sites, some maybe more genre specific. But, I'm happy right here.

Ultimately, I advise doing twice as much research as thought to be necessary before deciding what's right for them.
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